Who is Marco Sison?

Hi, That's me. I'm Marco Sison. I started Nomad FIRE to show you an alternative to the stress and grind of working 70-hours a week.

Here you will find the same strategies, tools, and knowledge I used to beat my student loans, recover from a job layoff, rebuild from major financial mistakes, and eventually retire at 41 years old to travel the world.

I have traveled the last five years to over 40 countries to show you the best ways to save, invest, and live in amazing places for 70% less cost than the US.

At Nomadic FIRE, I approach things differently than other Early Retirement Blogs

1.  This website is not my retirement plan

A common practice for people blogging about Retiring Early is to be dependent on their blog for retirement income. The primary purpose of Nomadic FIRE is helping people find better retirement choices. This website has not made a dollar and I retired early back in 2015. This website is not helping me reach Financial Independence, but it can help you get there.

2. I strive for transparency in my writing

To be transparent in how I fund my retirement, I will a provide breakdowns of my income and expenses. Any instances where Nomadic FIRE makes money will be highlighted. The details I use will be from real world experience, so you can decide how to implement what you are reading in real life.   

3.  I understand the struggle is real

I come from a loving but poor family of rice farmers from a poor developing country. I wasn't born from money. I was the first person in my family to graduate college and it took over $40,000 of student loan debt to achieve.  My path to Financial Independence was filled with mistakes. I have been homeless. I have been fired. My savings has been wiped out TWICE. The last time was an EPIC Failure where I lost over $250,000. To go from broke to Financially Free is what Nomadic FIRE is about. What I show on this website isn't easy, but it is absolutely possible.   

16+ Years of Finance at some of the biggest companies in the world

Quick Facts About Marco Sison

Retired Early at 41

I paid my own way for university, so I didn't graduate until I was 27 years old. I retired 16 years later, which included two US recessions and a failed small business that devastated me financially. 

Traveled to 40+ Countries

I have been traveling the world since 2014. I have lived in the Philippines, US, Czechia, Thailand, Cambodia, Romania, Colombia, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Austria, and Brazil.

Graduated $40,000 in Debt

Finished at a Top 10 Business School with four majors and a minor. It took six+ years and $40,000+ of student loans to complete. As with many college grads, I never worked a job in a field that my degree is actually in.         

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What People Are Saying About Marco Sison On Linkedin

“…One of a select few individuals that has mastery in many disciplines...more importantly, Marco's skill set influence decisions, impact change, and has brought significant value to his business partners.”

Kevon K.

Vice President, Corporate Development & Innovation

“…great ability to cut through a great deal of information and get to the bottom line. His financial background was very helpful in insuring profit margins were maintained. He handled complex contract negotiations and insured that the essence of what the company's needs were met…”

David V.

Sr. Vice President Global Sales and Marketing

“…outstanding leadership qualities, managing with facts and data and decision making with truth and wisdom...excels at contract negotiating and bringing both parties together to secure the deal. He is a strategic planner, an out of the box thinker...exceptional mentor...“

Patrick P.

Vice President Business Development

“Marco brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the corporate environment and is happy to roll up his sleeves and tackle any problem his is given. His varied background - finance, marketing, sales - made Marco a great go-to for multi-functional team challenges...”

Dave F.

Chief Financial Officer / VP Finance

Marco’s Nomadic FIRE Path:

I started by following the traditional path to a “Good Life.” I did everything by the book. I connected all the dots. I was on the Dean’s List at a competitive Top 10 university and graduated with 4 Majors (Information Systems, Accounting, International Business, and Operations Management) and a Minor (Speech Communication). Immediately after gradutation, I was behind a desk grinding 70 hours a week at Fortune 50 companies. 

I should have been ecstatic with my progress to a “Good Life”. But I was not. I had many peers who did most of the same things that I did. Many are still being crushed by student loans and drowning in auto and mortgage debt in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Many people follow this typical corporate rat race life and yet can’t retire comfortably by 60 or even 70. Do YOU want to continue working 50, 60, or 70 hours a week so that you *might* be able to retire when you are 65? I didn't. Still don't. I wanted a life. I wanted to experience the world. I envied reading about vagabond backpackers who traveled to distant lands and were checking experiences off their bucket lists.

A friend introduced me to the concept of Passive Income. I decided to embrace it wholehearted. I started my passive income investment. I sold all my stocks, cashed in my options, borrowed money from my family, and took out a home equity loan to open my first business: Chopperz- the Barbershop Reinvented.

And I FAILED SPECTACULARLY. I invested, sank, and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I was in massive debt and emotionally drained. I lost pretty close to everything: my savings, my health, my relationship, and my self-esteem. 

Nomadic Fire Italy Rome Ancient Ruins

I have recovered. There is nothing magical about it. There is nothing exceptional about me. I know many people (physicians, lawyers, executives, etc.) who made far more money than me but are nowhere near where I am financially. I am an average guy, who just worked hard, prioritized a Job Optional life, and was able to recover. Living a Nomadic FIRE lifestyle and leveraging Geographic Arbitrage are what allowed me to save and eventually Retire Early. 

My story isn’t about extreme savings either. Nomadic FIRE is not about pinching pennies and clipping coupons. Before I made it to a Job Optional life, I traveled the world, had hobbies like snowboarding and surfing, attended major parties and festivals around the world like Carnival, Mardi Gras, and the Full Moon Party.

What makes my situation so much different than others? How did I position myself to make a Job Optional? It took me time and a ton of hard work, but I finally learned how to reach Financial Independence realistically. I didn't "get rich quick." It was a process. It was not easy, but it is actually much simpler than you think. I’m certainly not super-rich, but my lifestyle has changed dramatically.

Nomadic FIRE is where I share with you the entire story. Explain the systems and tips. I provide the knowledge and tools showing how a Job Optional life and Early Retirement is possible. 


When you invest in your future by changing to a Retirement Optional life, you're creating meaningful change in your goals and how to achieve them. Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

Marco Sison at Angor Wat, Cambodia