Palermo Hollywood is a popular expat neighborhood in Buenos Aires. The barrio has a laid back charm and thriving restaurant scene. There are more cafes and places to eat in Palermo Hollywood than anywhere else in the city. Join me while I showcase the best places to eat, how to get around, and why this is the best place for expats.

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Explore Palermo Hollywood: My Favorite Neighborhood in Buenos Aires

Recognized as Buenos Aires’ trendiest neighborhood, Palermo Soho is known for its fashion and art scene, synonymous with the “Soho” moniker of New York. The neighborhood is filled with restaurants, nightlife, and chic boutiques. This Buenos Aires guide explains why Palermo Soho is so popular with expats.

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Discover Palermo Soho: Buenos Aires’ Trendiest Expat Neighborhood

Leverage the power of WhatsApp groups to exchange money peer-to-peer in Buenos Aires. You can change money for Argentina Peso, get US dollars, buy/sell cryptocurrencies, and more. Save up to 5% on exchange rates by cutting out middlemen. Read our updated 2024 article for how-to guides and safety tips.

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Using P2P Whatsapp Groups To Change Money In Buenos Aires 

Discover the benefits of Unbound Merino wool shirts in our comprehensive review. After a year of daily wear, I share the pros and cons and why these tee shirts are ideal for expats, frequent traveler, and digital nomads.

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Unbound Merino Travel Shirts Put To The Test- Detailed Review After A Year

This article updated for 2024 provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Western Union to get the best blue dollar exchange rate for pesos, with bonus tips to save time, avoid long waits, and find branches with enough cash. Plus, learn how to score a free $20 Amazon gift card!

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[2024 Update] How-To Use Western Union & Argentina Blue Dollar Rate To Maximize Your Cash

Get a complete step-by-step guide for the new 2024 annual reporting process for foreigners living in the Philippines. Learn how to use the new online system for virtual annual reporting. Save time at Bureau of Immigration, without missing key deadlines & benefits.

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2024 Philippines Online Annual Reporting Requirement Guide for Expats

Need to change US dollars to Argentine Pesos? Get the latest tips with up to date info and rates for exchanging currency in Argentina in 2024. From official rates to blue market exchange, using black market money changers to using ATMs, get the latest tips to convert USD/EUR to ARS with confidence.

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Exchanging Money in Argentina [2024 Update]: USD/EUR/ARS Exchange Cheat Sheet

Are you thinking about becoming an expat in the Philippines? Are you confused about what life is really like? This guide will help you make the decision and provide real-word insights into the benefits, challenges, pros, and cons of living as an American expat in this exciting Southeast Asian retirement destination.

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Expat Life in the Philippines: An American Expat’s Pros and Cons

Get updated details on the cost of living in Mexico City as an expat. See the affordable quality of life Mexico City offers with real-world prices and detailed examples of housing, food, transportation, and healthcare costs updated for 2024.

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[2024] Expat Cost of Living in Mexico City: Prices for Rent, Food, Utilities, Visas

Is this your first time in Buenos Aires? This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the city and everything you need to do in your first 24 hours. From navigating the airport transportation without getting ripped off to getting the best exchange rate for your dollar, we walk you through each step.

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First Time in Buenos Aires- Expat Crash Course On Your First [24] Hours