Colombia Visa Requirements: How to Apply, Costs, Policy, Visa Types [2022]

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6 Quick Tips To Prepare For A Move To Colombia

TIP 1. Understand Colombia's visa policy- A decade of experience living abroad taught me that a country's resident visa and permit situation can make or break a plan to move overseas. Chat with a Colombian visa attorney.

TIP 2. Know your health insurance requirements- Starting July 2022, the government requires all expats living in Colombia to purchase specific medical coverage that includes accidents, illness, hospitalization, disability, repatriation, maternity, and death. 

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TIP 5. Prove your onward ticket- If you only have a tourist visa Colombia requires a mandatory departure ticket. You need a onward travel with a date leaving the country before your visa expires. Save money by using  an onward plane ticket for just $16

TIP 6. Pick up some Spanish Skills- The most common difficulty experienced by expats in Colombia is English being less common than expected. Only 4% of the country speaks English. You can get a free 7-day Spanish language crash course to make your move to Colombia easier.

What are the updated travel requirements for foreigners entering Colombia in 2022?

As of May 1, 2022, the Colombian government's Ministry of Immigration (Migración Colombia) eased all nationalities' domestic and international travel restrictions. Entry rules no longer require COVID-19 vaccination administration. 

Foreign nationals who are not residents of Colombia can now enter the country via one of the international airports without proof of vaccination with only a negative pre-travel COVID-19 test. However, all cruise ship passengers entering Colombia, regardless of citizenship, must still be fully vaccinated AND show proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival.

Regardless of vaccination status, all foreigners must complete the Check-Mig online form at least 24 hours before arrival in Colombia. I recommend carrying both a hard copy and digital version of the form ready on your phone for Colombian authorities to check. In addition, foreigners must submit a contact tracing form online before departing Colombia. Lastly, you must wear a facemask on entry until leaving the airport.

Entry Requirements For Fully Vaccinated Foreigners Entering Colombia

  1. Show a valid vaccination certificate with a final vaccination dated 14 days prior to arrival.
  2. The vaccine certificate must show your full name as printed on your passport, the date of vaccination, the vaccine type, and the number of doses administered.
  3. The certificate can be paper or digital.
  4. The Colombian Health Ministry only accepts vaccines authorized by the World Health Organization or officially recognized by the country where you were vaccinated. You can check for eligible vaccines on the Colombian Health Ministry website.
  5. Additionally, vaccinated foreigners must fill out the "Check-Mig" requirement below.
  6. Proof you have an airline ticket departing the country

 INSIDER TIP : Definition of Fully Vaccinated- Fully vaccinated foreigners entering Colombia before 14 days after their final dose or partially vaccinated foreigners who have not completed the COVID-19 vaccine series must follow the same entry requirements as unvaccinated foreigners entering Colombia.

Travelers under the age of 18 are exempt from the above travel requirements.

Entry Restrictions For Unvaccinated Foreigners Entering Colombia

  1. Starting May 1, 2022, partially vaccinated or unvaccinated nonresident foreigners over 18 years old can now enter Colombia.
  2. The current entry requirement is proof of a pre-travel negative COVID-19 PCR test taken 72 hours before departure.
  3. A negative antigen test taken 48 hours before departure is also accepted.
  4. Be prepared to show either paper or digital proof of the COVID-19 test result.
  5. Additionally, unvaccinated foreigners must fill out the "Check-Mig" requirement below.
  6. Proof you have an airline ticket departing the country

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Colombian Immigration Check MIG Online Form

Do I need to fill out the Check-Mig form online if I am vaccinated?

Yes, all foreigners entering Colombia must enter their contact details into the Migracion Colombia Health Declaration form online, known as Check-MIG, regardless of vaccination status. 

Do I still need to use the Colombian Check-Mig Form if I have a permanent residency visa?

Yes, all foreigners must complete the Check-MIG form. The Check MIG form is a travel authorization document, not a Colombian visa.

Due to the pandemic, the Government of Colombia implemented this online form as a new entry requirement to track all foreign nationals entering and leaving Colombia. Every non-Colombian citizen must complete a form at least 24 hours before entry into Colombia and no more than one hour prior to departure.

How long is a Check MIG form valid?

A Check-MIG form is valid for 30 days from the approval date. However, each issued form is good for a single use. You must complete a new Check-Mig each time you enter and exit Colombia. 

Visa Policies For Entering Colombia Image Source

Foreigners Visa Holders Require Colombian Health Insurance

Starting July 2022, partly in response to the pandemic, the government now requires all foreigner visa applicants to purchase medical insurance specifically covering accidents, illness, hospitalization, disability, repatriation, death, and in the case of female expats, maternity coverage.

The mandatory health insurance minimum coverage depends on your visa type:

  • Visitor Visas $35,000 USD
  • Migrant Visas $60,000 to $70,000 USD
  • Resident Visas $100,000 USD

Medical coverage must be for the entire duration of the expat's visa.

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OVERVIEW: Visas In Colombia

Colombia has a very accessible visa policy. You may not even need a visa application form to enter Colombia, depending on your citizenship. Foreign nationals can stay in Colombia with a simple tourist visa for up to 180 days in a CALANDER YEAR. Note the bold letters around calendar year, as this visa policy differs from many countries that use 360 days as the duration.

The Ministry of Immigration revamped the Colombian visa policy in 2017. There are now new visa requirements, classifications, and regulations. Colombia offers more than 30 different types of visas available, each with a different purpose, duration, and eligibility. 

Use this guide to simplify your research on the visa process and clarify the visa rules for foreigners who want to stay in Colombia.

Colombian Visa Policy For Different Nationalities

There are different requirements for a Colombian visa, depending on the applicant's nationality. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs grants foreign citizens from 107 different countries visa-free entry into Colombia for stays up to 90 days. Most of these foreign nationals can then be extended their visa for an additional 90 days, allowing many foreigners to stay in Colombia for 180 days in a calendar year.

Countries That Can Enter Colombia Visa-Free

LIST OF COUNTRIES Allowed To Enter COLOMBIA Visa-Free [Click to Expand]

[ninja_tables id="47094"]

Countries With Special Entry Privileges

Foreign citizens of certain countries have a special waiver and do not need to obtain a Colombian tourist Visa for stays up to 90 days. However, these citizens must have a residence permit or visa issued by the United States or a Schengen visa valid at least 180 days from their arrival date in Colombia.

  • Cambodia
  • China
  • India
  • Macau (180 days)
  • Myanmar
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

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Countries That Require A Colombian Visa To Enter

However, Colombia requires a visitor visa for citizens of the 89 countries not on the visa-free or special entry lists above (primarily from Africa and the Middle East).


[ninja_tables id="47096"]

 INSIDER TIP : Colombian Visa Policy For Dual Citizenship-  A foreign national with Colombian dual citizenship must enter and leave Colombia using their Colombian passport and Cedula (Colombian Identification Card).

Migración Colombia will not stop you from entering the country on a foreign passport. However, immigration authorities will stamp your foreign passport with an exit requirement to show your Colombian travel documents before leaving the country.

Colombia Electronic Visa System

The Colombia immigration website has an evisa system where foreigners can apply for a new visa or extend their current visa. There have been past issues with the system not accepting foreign credit cards for visa payments and requiring in-person visa applications. Since then, Migracion Colombia has worked most bugs out of the system. You should be able to apply for and renew a Colombian tourist visa online and save on the number of visits to the immigration office. 

  1. Evisa Application Website
  2. Electronic Visa Extension Website

Some Visas that need to be affixed to a blank passport page can get approved online but will still need a trip to Migracion Colombia or your local consulate to complete the application process.

What are the different types of visas for Colombia?

Colombian Visas come in three visa categories. The (M) Migrant Visa and (R) Resident Visa are long-term types of visas, where R is a permanent residence permit, while the M has a visa validity of up to 3-years. The (V) Visitor Visa is for short-term or temporary visits to the country.

Type M Migrant Colombian Visas

The Colombia Migrant (M) has 11 different types of visas. This class of visa allows foreigners to live long-term in Colombia for 1 - 3 years, depending on the type of visa.

For most expats, the common uses of the Migrant (M) are:

M-11 Rentista Visa

The Rentista (previously known as a TP-7) or Annuity Visa is a long-term visa ideal for financially independent expats who can meet the minimum monthly passive income requirements. The income must be passive, generated outside of Colombia, and not earned through active employment. Investment income, dividends, interest, and rental property are valid, but salary or commission is ineligible.

M-11 Pensioner or Retirement Visa

Similar to the Rentista Visa above, the Colombia Retirement Visa (previously known as a TP-7) is a long-term visa ideal for foreign retirees with social security or pension income. The difference between the Rentista and Retirement Visa is the significantly lower income requirements for the Retirement Visa and documented proof of retirement pension or social security income required.

M-10 Real Estate Investment Visa

Colombia has two different classifications of Real Estate Investment Visas. The M-10 is a temporary residency visa valid for up to 3-years with a minimum property investment requirement of 350 X Colombian minimum monthly salary.

M-1 Spousal Visa

Foreign nationals whose spouses are Colombian citizens can qualify for the Colombian Marriage Visa (formerly the TP-10), valid for up to 3-years. While the M-1 is dubbed a marriage visa, Colombia recognizes civil unions, including same-sex civil partnerships.

M-6 Business Investment Visa

Foreign investors who prefer to purchase or start a business in Colombia rather than buy real estate can choose the Colombian Business Investment Visas. The M-6 has lower financial requirements than the M-10. A business owner with an investment worth 100 X Colombian minimum salary qualifies for a 3-year visa.

Other Kinds of Colombian Migrant Visas (M)

  • M-3 Mercosur Agreement (formerly TP-15) - For citizens of other Mercosur member countries (Southern Common Market), including Bolivia and Chile. 
  • M-4 Refugee (TP-9) -For foreigners with designated refugee status to live, work, and study in Colombia.
  • M-5 Work Visa (TP-4)- Allows working expats sponsored by a Colombian company to work in Colombia legally.
  • M-7 Expertise Visa (TP-13)- Commonly referred to as the Colombian Digital Nomads Visa, the M-7 targets self-employed foreigners practicing a specific licensed or certified profession. Freelancers looking to work remotely in Colombia frequently apply under the Expertise Visa.
  • M-8 Religious (TP-5) - For church founders and other missionary activities on behalf of a religion or church officially recognized by Colombian immigration.
  • M-9 Student (TP-9) - For international students enrolled in an accredited degree program at a public or private university. Not to be confused with an Education Visitor Visa (V), commonly used by expats living in Colombia taking Spanish language classes.

 INSIDER TIP : Legally Working In Colombia- The Religious, Student, Real Estate, and Retirement Visas above DO NOT allow you to work in Colombia. The Spousal, Mercosur, Refugee, Business Owner, Freelancer, and Work Visa authorize you to work in Colombia under specific conditions.

Spousal, Mercosur, Refugee- allow foreigners freedom to seek any legal employment in Colombia.

Business Owner- can only work in the company that you invested in

Expertise- Only allows you to work in the industry and job function your visa was granted for.

Work- only allowed to work in a precise position at the specific company sponsoring your visa.

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Type R Resident - Colombian Permanent Residence Visas

Returning Colombian National

For former natural-born citizens Colombian citizens who want to reacquire the Colombian citizenship after renouncing to be naturalized in a foreign country, 

Parent of Colombian Citizen

You are eligible for a permanent resident visa if your child is Colombian. This R visa extends to biological, foster, and adopted parents.

2-Year Migrant to Permanent Conversion

Foreigners with temporary M-1 (Marriage) and M-3 (Mercosur) Migrant M visas are eligible for a permanent Resident R visa after two straight years living in Colombia. 

5-Year Migrant to Permanent Conversion

All other Migrant visa holders (M - 4 to M-11) who have lived in Colombia uninterrupted for 5-years can apply for a permanent Resident R visa. 

Beneficiary Visa

If you hold a Colombia Resident R visa, your spouse and children up to 25 years old also get full residency. 

Permanent Investor Visa

Similar to the Business Owner or Real Estate Investment M visas above, However while Colombia Residency Visas have similar names and functions as their Migrant counterparts, there are some key differences.

Visa Duration- Migrant visas have a set expiration date with a maximum of 3-years. Resident visas allow for Permanent Residency in Colombia and do not expire.

Visa Validity: Migrant visas become invalid if you are outside the country for six consecutive months or more. Resident visas only lose their validity if you leave Colombia for more than two years.

Financial Requirements: The Resident Business Owner and Real Estate Investment Resident visas have much higher financial requirements than the Migrant versions, equal to 650 X the minimum monthly wage in Colombia.

Colombia Citizenship- only Colombia residency visa holders are eligible for Colombian citizenship after 5-years.

Type V Colombian Visitor Visa

The Type V Visitor visa allows short-term stays in Colombia, usually for a maximum of 90 days. However, some Visitor Visas categories, such as a Student Visa (6-months to one year) or Contract Worker Visa (two years), can be valid for extended periods.

While casually referred to as the Colombian Tourist Visa, the Type V has 15 different categories ranging from leisure and tourism to participating in an educational program or seeking medical treatment. 

For expats, the most commonly used Colombian Visitor Visas are below. 

Tourist Visa (Previously referred to as TP 11)

For foreign citizens from 107 countries, the Colombia Tourist Visa is not a formal Colombian visa. Instead, immigration authorities place a "visa stamp" on your passport when you enter the country visa-free or visa on arrival.

However, citizens of countries ineligible for a Colombian visa exemption need to apply for a proper Tourist Visa at the Colombian Consulate General or Embassy in their country of residence.

Foreigners cannot work, operate a business, or move to Colombia permanently on a Tourist Visa. 

Colombian Tourist Visa Stamp you get as a visa on arrival

Tourist Stamp on your passport acts as a Tourist Visa if you enter Visa on Arrival

Student Visa

Used for primary, secondary, or university classes at an accredited institution or education program. You can use this temporary visa to take Spanish Language classes.

Business Visa

For employees of foreign companies looking to hold client meetings, negotiate deals, or conduct business meetings.

Medical Treatment Visa

Used by foreigners for Medical Tourism. The Medical Visa allows you to enter Colombia for health consultations or medical treatment. 

Contract Worker Visa

For foreign workers contracted by a Colombian company for temporary, occasional, or short-term technical assistance, allowing them to apply for and receive a work visa for that specific contract for up to 2-years.

Working Holiday Visa

Special visa only available for 18 - 30 year old citizens from France, Colombia, Peru, Chile or Mexico allowing foreigners to work, study, and live in Colombia for up to one year.

Colombian Visa Minimum Financial Requirements Updated 2022

Type of Visa

Financial Requirement

 Visa Prices in 2022 COP/USD

Migrant Retirement Visa Income Requirement (M-11)

3 X minimum wage per month

2,725,578 COP / $717 USD

Migrant Rentista visa income (M-11)

10 X minimum wage per month

9,085,260 COP / $2,390 USD

Migrant Business Investment Visa Investment (M-6)

100 X minimum wage in total

90,852,600 COP / $23,896 USD

Migrant Real Estate Investment Visa Investment (M-10)

350 X minimum wage in total

317,984,100 COP / $83,636 USD

Permanent Resident Investment Visa Investment (R)

650 X minimum wage

590,541,900 COP / $155,324 USD

Financial Requirements Are in Colombian Pesos Converted Into Foreign Currency At The Current Exchange Rate 1 USD = 3,802 COP

Colombian Visas- Validity, Duration, and Extensions

How long is a Colombian visa valid?

A Colombian tourist visa or passport stamp is valid for a maximum stay of 180 days per calendar year if you enter Colombia visa-free or visa on arrival. After the initial 90-days visa validity, you can extend a tourist visa for an additional 90-days once you are in the country. 

On January 1 of the following year, you are eligible to live in Colombia for another 180 days. 

However, Colombian visa policy places a hard limit on foreign nationals of 180 consecutive days in the country without a formal Colombian visa. A new calendar year does not reset the 180-day consecutive limit. You will need to leave Colombia for a visa run for at least 24 hours. A fresh 180-day visa duration starts again when you re-enter the country. 

How to legally stay in Colombia for a year without a proper Colombian visa? XXX

 INSIDER TIP : Transit Days - The 180-day limit encompasses all the days you spend in Colombia, including travel days when you enter and exit the country. Don't think you get 181 days because you depart the country after 180 days. Your arrival and departure days are included in the 180-day limit, even if you arrive at 12:01 AM.

How do I extend a Colombian Visa?

For citizens of a visa-free country with a tourist permit, visa on arrival, or tourist stamp, their "tourist visa" can be extended online at the Colombia immigration website (Migracion Colombia).

A tourist visa extension no longer requires an in-person trip to a Migracion Colombia office unless the Migracion Colombia website is down or you have problems paying for the visa extension online. 

Extending your visa is relatively straightforward--you need to gather the required documents, including a departure airline ticket, and submit PDF copies online. The website comes in both English and Spanish, though I could not get the English version to load correctly. 

You can use this guide to help you extend your visa online xxx. 

Tourist permit extensions should be applied for at least two weeks before the existing entry stamp expires. Don't procrastinate or wait until the last minute, or you may need to spend additional money on a visa run. 

 INSIDER TIP : Visa On Arrival Extension -  Online visa extensions only apply to tourist permits from foreign citizens who entered visa-free and received a tourist visa stamp on their passport. Other types of visas (Retirement, Investment, Student, etc.) have specific procedures for extension or renewal.

Colombian Visa Requirements

The complete requirements for a Colombian visa application vary depending on the relevant visa (Resident, Migrant, or Visitor) and a class of visa (work, investment, retirement, marriage).

However, the minimum requirements for most types of visa include:

What documents do I need to apply for a formal tourist visa at a Colombian Embassy?

If you are from India, Pakistan, or any other country ineligible for a Colombian visa exemption, you can apply for a temporary visitor's visa using the Colombia evisa system (SITAC Sistema Integral de Trámites al Ciudadano) or at the Colombian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence.

You need to submit the following documents to apply for a temporary visitor's visa:

  • A valid passport with an expiration date at least six months from your intended departure date from Colombia
  • Photocopy or electronic onward flight ticket proving your departure date from Colombia
  •  Photocopy of the passport data page
  • Photocopy of the passport stamp showing your last date of arrival and departure from Colombia
  • Photocopy of any previously held visas for Colombia
  • Duly accomplished DP-FO-67 visa application form filled out and signed
  •  Three (3) passport-type photograph on a plain white background, 3 cm X 3 cm. 
  • Digital passport photos in JPEG format with a file size no larger than 300 kb to submit for online application.
  • Proof of sufficient financial capability- 6 months of your most recent bank statements 
  • Letter of purpose describing what you plan to do in Colombia
  • Documents certifying your intended purpose and activity
  • Any documents required by Colombian authorities or consular services, such as
    • Proof of Relationship- Visiting family or friends
    • Proof of Enrollment or Admission - Student Visa
    • Program and Planned Agenda- Event or Convention Visa
    • Company Registration- Business Visa
    • Letter of Economic Responsibility - A commitment letter pledging financial support of the visa applicant

Proof of Private Health Insurance

You must maintain health insurance coverage for your entire stay in Colombia. If you are issued a Migrant or Resident visa, you are eligible for Colombian public medical coverage (EPS) from insurance providers like SURA, Comfenalco, or Coomeva.

Tourists and Visitor visa holders can purchase a private plan from
a recommended global health insurance company.

Colombian Visa Application, Process, and Costs

How do I apply for a Colombian visa?

There are three ways to apply for a Colombian visa. The easiest is using the tourist visa-on-arrival privilege available to citizens of the US and 107 countries. If you need to apply for a different visa, the Colombian immigration website's e-visa system is your next best option.  

Additionally, you can make an appointment at your Colombian Consulate General or Embassy to apply.

Does a visa allow me to get health insurance in Colombia?

A valid visa is the first step to getting Colombian medical insurance. After obtaining your visa, apply for a cédula de extranjería (Foreigner ID Card) at the closest Migración Colombia office. With your cedula, you are eligible to apply for EPS insurance (Colombia's universal healthcare plan).

The great news is Colombia has an excellent healthcare system

Did You Know Most Expats In Colombia Need 3 Types of Health Insurance?

Starting in July 2022, the government passed a law requiring specific medical coverage for foreigners staying in Colombia. Click the button below to ensure you are legally staying in Colombia.

What is the processing time for a Colombian visa?

The average time for government officials to process your visa application is two weeks if all your documents are in order and there are no missing requirements. However, A visa processing time can vary up to 30 days if your Embassy and immigration office has an application backlog. 

How much does a Colombian visa cost?

Colombian visa costs depend on the type of visa application. Technically the cheapest visa is the "visa on arrival." This free "tourist visa stamp" is available to citizens of the United States and 107 visa-free countries.

For any other type of visa or for foreign citizens not from a visa-free country, Colombian visas have two fees: Visa Study Fee and Visa Processing Fee. 

STUDY FEES: A non-refundable visa cost to research and analyze your visa application. 

VISA PROCESSING FEE: You are only charged this one-time processing fee if your visa application is approved. This fee includes a $45 USD stamp tax.

There are three ways to apply for a Colombian visa. The easiest is using the tourist visa-on-arrival privilege available to citizens of the US and 107 countries. If you need to apply for a different visa, the Colombian immigration website's e-visa system is your next best option.  

Additionally, you can make an appointment at your Colombian Consulate General or Embassy to apply.

Chart of COLOMBIAN Visa COST AND Fees [Click to Expand]

[ninja_tables id="47098"]

  • Temporary Work Visa includes All temporary contract work, including intern, trainee,  volunteer,  artist, audiovisual and digital production, ship crew, and journalist
  • Visa costs are accurate from this article's publish date. Latest visa prices can be found here.

 INSIDER TIP : Currency Conversion- While the visa fee amounts above are in USD or EUR, visa applicants pay all fees in Colombian pesos (COP) at the average exchange rate fixed every four (4) months by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Euro rate is used when applying in the European Union or Cuba; The US dollar rate is for visa applications in Colombia and the rest of the world.

Exemptions to Standard Colombian Visa Costs

How can I save money on Colombian Visa processing fees?

Citizens of Ecuador, Japan, and South Korea are exempt from paying processing fees for any type of visa. Foreign nationals from these countries only need to pay the study fee for the visa application. 

The visa processing fee exemption also extends to Peruvian citizens settling in the Amazon of Putumayo river basins. 

Additionally, the visa processing fee is free for Bolivian citizens pursuing an academic training program.  

How can I get a FREE Colombian Visa?

The government of Colombia allows citizens of Spain to apply for and receive any qualified Colombian visa free of charge. 

Additionally, visitor visas are free for authorized boat crew from fishing boats from the areas surrounding San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina.

How do I pay for my Colombian visa application fees?

You have 5 payment methods for your visa fees:

  1. Local bank transfer using Pagos Seguros en Línea (PSE)
  2. Online using a Mastercard or Visa credit card
  3. In-person at a Colombian Embassy or Consulate-General
  4. In cash at Banco GNB Sudameris
  5. Using a Servibanca ATM in Colombia.

Government of Colombia Immigration Offices

You can find Migración Colombia offices in all larger cities. I gathered and sorted the Immigration Office addresses in the major cities for you below.

[ninja_tables id="47099"]


Check the drop-downs below to find the Colombia Embassy and Consulate General in your country.


[ninja_tables id="47100" filter_column='region' filter="Africa" columns="region,country,city,mission"]


[ninja_tables id="47100" filter_column='region' filter="Europe" columns="region,country,city,mission"]

North America

[ninja_tables id="47100" filter_column='region' filter="North America" columns="region,country,city,mission"]

South America

[ninja_tables id="47100" filter_column='region' filter="South America" columns="region,country,city,mission"]


[ninja_tables id="47100" filter_column='region' filter="Asia" columns="region,country,city,mission"]

Middle East

[ninja_tables id="47100" filter_column='region' filter="Middle East" columns="region,country,city,mission"]


[ninja_tables id="47100" filter_column='region' filter="Oceania" columns="region,country,city,mission"]

FAQs: Visas For Colombia

Can I work with a Colombia tourist visa?

Foreigners cannot legally work in Colombia on a Tourist Visa. Even digital nomads without a proper visa remotely working for clients outside of Colombia are technically working illegally. However, contract workers on a Temporary Worker Visa (Type V) are allowed to work in Colombia for up to 2-years. 

What are the Colombian visa requirements for US citizens?

Colombian visa requirements for United States citizens vary depending on the relevant visa. However, Americans entering Colombia for short-term stays can enter the country visa-free. US citizens are eligible for a tourist passport stamp granting a visa exemption for stays in Colombia up to 90-days.

Who needs a visa to enter Colombia?

Citizens of 107 countries, including the USA, Canada, and the UK, do not need a visa to enter Colombia for short-term stays of less than 90-days. However, citizens of 89 other visa-required countries, including India and Pakistan, must apply for a visitor's visa before entering the country.

However, citizens of Cambodia, China, India, Macau, Myanmar, Thailand, or Vietnam, who also hold a US or Schengen zone visa, are eligible for a special visa allowing them to enter Colombia visa on arrival for up to 90-days.

Can I qualify for Colombian citizenship and passport?

Colombia citizenship is straightforward and takes between 5-10 years to earn. Expats must live in Colombia for five years on a permanent resident visa (Type R) to qualify for Colombian citizenship. Colombia has Investment Visas that can grant immediate permanent residency.

Otherwise, a temporary M visa (Migrant) can be converted to a permanent visa in 2 - 5 years, depending on the type of visa.

Additionally, Colombia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs allows for dual citizenship and does not require you to renounce your current nationality.

Ranked the 41st most strong passport in the world, 131 countries allow Colombian passport holders visa-free privileges.

Can I apply for a Colombia e-visa?

Maybe. Not all Colombian visa types are available through the electronic visa system (SITAC). Consular services may mandate in-person submission of your visa application and any required documents at a Colombian Embassy or Consulate, depending on your citizenship and relevant visa.

Contact the Colombia Consulate in your country of residence to get their specific requirements. 

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Hi, That's me. I'm Marco Sison. I am a survivor of the corporate rat race. I started Nomad FIRE to show you an alternative to the stress and grind of 70-hour weeks to pay off a mortgage, student loans, and countless bills. After getting laid off in 2015, I said screw it all and retired early at 41 years old. I have traveled the last eight years to over 50 countries to show you the best ways to save, invest, and live in amazing countries for 70% less cost than the US. I have been featured in: US News & World Reports, HuffPost, MSN Money, USA Today, ABC Network, Yahoo Finance, Association of MBAs, the iTunes documentary Seeking FIRE, and the Amazon Best-Seller, Abroad: Expats That Thrive . [view press...]

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