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How To Rent Apartments In Medellin Without Getting Scammed

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Are you looking for long-term stay apartments in Colombia? Need to rent an apartment in Medellin, but are worried about getting scammed? This guide helps expats understand how apartment rentals work in Medellin, including the options, requirements, deposits, and scams to avoid.

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Good afternoon, Marco, I have just discovered your website using a Google search for "how to avoid rental scams in Medellin". I am a US citizen and want to rent an apartment in Medellin for approximately 6 months (to study spanish). But I have heard there are a lot of "professional" scammers out there. I just read the article you posted written by an expat and describing his horrible experience of being the victim a well executed rental scam.
I am afraid I may the victim of a similar rental scam.
I went to Medellin last weekend to look for an apartment.
I used the Facebook expat group and found a listing.
I met with a I met with a couple (they claimed they are lawyers and represent the owner of the apartment). They showed me the apartment.
I signed a rental agreement (lease starting 01 January 2024), received a receipt for the money I gave them for a deposit and half the month's rent (approximately $700USD.
We also went to a notary public and had these documents notarized. (the notarized document has a picture of him and his information)
I thought that it all appeared legitimate until I read about the experience by that guy.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that when 01 January comes and I present myself to move in, that I will not have a similar situation as the guy.

Thank you for sharing this story.
I now think I have to develop a Plan B if this proves to be another well executed scam.