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Excited To Move, But Feel Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Moving Overseas? 

I get it. Moving to a foreign country has so many requirements. It's a little stressful to know one wrong move can mean months of headaches. 

Are you increasingly shaking your head at the state of the country? Have you become disillusioned with a place that once seemed full of opportunities? You’re not alone.

Many level-headed everyday people are queasy with another ridiculous election and divisive politics tearing the country apart. Politicians just bicker while you watch your standard of living drop by the week.
With the cost of living soaring and housing prices spiraling out of control, the dream of achieving or even maintaining a comfortable life seems increasingly out of reach.

The whole political and economic mess makes people want to start fresh in a different country that offers a simpler and more relaxed way of life.

Do you feel it? That tug of excitement towards starting a new chapter in the Philippines. The idea of a dream life in the tropics feels so close, but the sheer magnitude of relocating to a new country feels overwhelming.

It's understandable. The prospect of preparing for such a life-changing move can bring about a mix of anticipation and anxiety for everyone.

Mastering the pre-visit basics, navigating complex paperwork, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements can be challenging.

Worrying about getting scammed, wasting money, adjusting to a new culture, or unknowingly breaking laws can make you second-guess your plans to move.

It's overwhelming how much information there is to absorb. Is your budget accurate? How will I transfer money? Did you understand Philippine visas and laws correctly?

It's not just the big picture that's frightening – it's the fine details that can make or break your experience.
As the questions and doubts pile up, your dream life feels further out of reach.

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Now, imagine the consequences of neglecting these important details.

You arrive in the Philippines, and instead of a warm welcome, you're hit with a bunch of paperwork, visa questions, and flight ticket problems you weren't ready for.

Lack of preparation leads to red tape, legal problems, and wasted money. Dealing with traffic and long lines, plus the hassle of immigration bureaucracy, just make it harder for you to get settled.

Unplanned moves can be a headache, especially when navigating Filipino laws and cultural differences. Dealing with money and healthcare in another country is a nightmare that kills the thrill of a fresh start.

And then it hits you. You could have avoided these headaches if you had prepared properly.

Failing to grasp the requirements could lead to costly mistakes and unnecessary headaches in your expat life in the Philippines. It's becoming obvious that you require a little help, some expertise, and a coherent plan for a successful move.

 Your Solution Is Just Release!

The Philippine Expat Starter Kit:

What To Know Before You Go

This comprehensive online course equips you with the essential knowledge and skills required for a stress-free move to the Philippines.

It discusses all the requirements, from pre-departure to arrival. From calculating affordability to opening bank accounts. From understanding Filipino culture to avoiding common scams.

This is your blueprint. Be prepared legally, culturally, and financially for your new life in the Philippines.

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Get Unrestricted and Instant Access

Enroll now for pre-launch access to a well-organized collection of resources and modules.

The course's modular design allows you to prioritize specific topics that matter to you. Our modules provide in-depth coverage of moving to the Philippines, giving you a a complete understanding of the latest rules, requirements, and best practices for 2024. The course ensures you are well-prepared to start expat life in the Philippines.

Keep More Money In Your Wallet

Avoid financial pitfalls with Smart Money Management and real-world budgeting tips. Get a rundown of the most common scams.

Enjoy Healthcare peace of mind

Understand your medical insurance options to prioritize your well-being and health, while saving money.

Less Culture Shock

Experience an easier transition to living abroad. Learn the best ways to connect with locals and understand cultural differences.

Stay Updated with Latest Rules

Avoid hassles with the Bureau of Immigration. Keep informed with up-to-date rules and regulations for 2024. 

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Since 2015, Nomadic FIRE has been a trusted resource for living abroad. You'll find our content quoted and shared across hundreds of international media outlets. 

Good overall advice Marco! Appreciate you trying to advise and assist those of us considering a relocation to the Philippines. My wife is Filipina of almost 5 years now and we met in Quezon City. Both of us are retired and looking at Bagac, Bataan Province. 

Brian L. Smith

Hi Marco!
I salute you and 1000 thank yous for all this information that will help me in my mission to marry my Filipina angel!

Awsome site and work you have done!

Kind Regards


Wow thank you so much for this incredibly detailed view on how to become a citizen or even visit the Philippines. I’ve never felt at home in the us. I’ve always felt I belonged somewhere else. My dream is to live in China Japan or the Philippines. Me and my wife have set up a 5 year plan to get where we want to be. I think the Philippines would be an amazing forever home. Thank you so much for all your advice and knowledge!

Andrew Langford

A Practical Guide to Expat Life in the Philippines 

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How To Legally Live In The Philippines On A Tourist Visa

Ready to enjoy expat life in the Philippines without a big financial deposit or the commitment to marry a Filipino citizen?

Visa are the biggest hassle to moving to another country. Other Southeast Asian countries require frequent border runs or expensive visas to live there long-term. But with this bonus, you'll get a free crash course on how to live in the Philippines for up to 3 years without buying property, getting married, or shelling out $50,000 for an "Elite Visa."

Get a step-by-step detailed timeline of the specific requirements, which government agencies to contact, and how much to pay in fees. Eliminate the wasted time getting outdated and inaccurate information on the internet. Cut out the confusing and conflicting information from other expats.

Bonus 2
10 Ways To Find Cheap Flights To The Philippines

Want to enjoy the Philippines while saving hundreds of dollars in flights? Unlock the secrets to affordable international travel with our free bonus when you enroll in the course.

This invaluable resource is filled with practical insider tips that I have used to slash my travel expenses while traveling to over 50 countries.

Get secret travel hacks to find the cheapest flights and score the best deals to start your new expat life right, all while saving your money. Don't just move to the Philippines—soar into your new life with more pesos in your pocket.

Bonus 3
Building Your Expat Network In Five Steps

Hit the ground running with a solid social circle of friends with this indispensable free bonus guide. Whether you're an extrovert eager to mingle or someone who finds making new friends unnerving, this guide prepares you with practical, real-world strategies tailored for new expats.

Building a social network is key to overcoming post-move isolation and seamlessly integrating into your new community. A social circle offers support, practical advice, and invaluable local insights for settling into the Philippines.

It's the difference between merely living in a foreign country and genuinely thriving. 

About The Course Instructor, Marco Sison

Having relocated internationally 12 times and traveled to over 50 countries, Marco possesses a wealth of expertise and practical experience. As a dual citizen of the US and the Philippines, he offers a unique perspective that combines real-world expat experiences with local insights.

With over 10 years spent living abroad before choosing the Philippines as his retirement base, Marco has firsthand knowledge of both the challenges and rewards associated with moving to a new country. He is a trusted resource on personal finance and expatriate life, feature in international media such as USA Today, US News and World Report, HuffPost, and a recent iTunes documentary about Financial Independence and Overseas Retirement.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor on LinkedIn

Kevon K.


“…One of a select few individuals that has mastery in many disciplines...more importantly, Marco's skill set influence decisions, impact change, and has brought significant value to his business partners.”

David V.


“…great ability to cut through a great deal of information and get to the bottom line. His financial background was very helpful in insuring profit margins were maintained. He handled complex contract negotiations and insured that the essence of what the company's needs were met…”

Dave F.


“Marco brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the corporate environment and is happy to roll up his sleeves and tackle any problem his is given. His varied background - finance, marketing, sales - made Marco a great go-to for multi-functional team challenges...”

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This course offers valuable insights, practical advice, and a roadmap to a successful expat life in the Philippines without the hefty price tag. This course provides comprehensive information and resources to empower you to make well-informed decisions and avoid expensive errors, all at an exceptional value.

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Course Launch Promotion closes on March 31th 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course materials?

Upon enrollment, you will have lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit and review the content at your convenience.

Is this course suitable for beginners who have never considered moving abroad before?

Yes, this course caters to individuals at all stages of their expat journey, providing essential guidance and for new expats and insider tips for experienced expats looking to relocate to the Philippines.

What makes this course different from other resources available online for expats moving to the Philippines?

This course combines practical insights and real-world experiences from a globally recognized and trusted resource on expat life abroad. 

We provide updated and detailed step-by-step information on expat living in the Philippines that sets it apart from generic resources available online.

What kind of support is available if I have questions or need clarification during the course?

You will have access to a private community forum where you can connect with fellow participants and discuss course-related questions. Additionally, periodic Q&A sessions may be organized to address any queries you may have.

Are there any additional costs beyond the course fee?

The course fee covers all materials, and resources provided within the program. There are no hidden costs or additional fees associated with enrolling in this course.

Can I interact with the course instructor directly during the program?

While direct interaction with the course instructor may be limited, periodic Q&A sessions and community forums offer opportunities for engagement and support throughout your learning journey.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 50% discount !

A Personal Note from Marco

Before you go, I want to share something from the heart. This course is more than just lessons and strategies; it’s a part of my journey that I’m incredibly proud of. It’s the culmination of battles fought, lessons learned, and victories won, all crafted to help you navigate your path with confidence.

I genuinely hope you’ll choose to sign up and let me guide you through the challenges to the amazing results that await. Here’s to taking that next step together. Let’s make your dreams of financial independence and a thrilling expat life a reality.

Nomadic FIRE LLC

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