Reinvent Your Dream Retirement In The Philippines

Tired of trying to understand constantly changing travel restrictions and visa requirements?

We can take the stress out of moving to the Philippines.

The Philippines has reopened and is ready for expat retirees LIKE YOU!

  • Are you dreaming of living in the Philippines, but don't know how to apply for a visa?
  • Are you confused by the changing travel restrictions and websites contradict each other?
  • Do you have a unique situation that is not covered by typical advice?
  • Are you too busy or don't have the patience to deal with complex government immigrations websites?

Are you ready to enjoy a retirement beyond your dreams?

Hi, I'm Marco Sison

Nomadic FIRE, Retirement Coach

I have lived the last six years as an expat while traveling to over 40 countries. I know firsthand the stress of moving to a new country and dealing with confusing visa and residency paperwork.

One of America's best-known experts on living abroad and a trusted resource for personal finance and retiring overseas for national media outlets.

Introducing EmbarkEx

By Nomadic FIRE

EmbarkEx is my new service to simplify the immigration process for expats who want to live and retire abroad.

EmbarkEx are pre-screened and carefully selected partners with decades of expertise helping expats like you cut through the government red tape, clarify the visa options, and ease your worries about moving to a new country.


My partners are visa specialists certified by the Bureau of Immigration and the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) to handle your visa application, document submission, local appointments, and much more.


To launch EmbarkEx, I've partnered with a Philippines relocation specialist, who has been relocating and moving embassy personnel and corporate expats since 2011. 

Why Use An EmbarkEx Immigration Partner


Stop wasting time searching through outdated websites. Get fast and reliable information specific to your need. 


Relax and let our visa specialist handle the tedious paperwork. Our partners have years of experience and know what documents  and translations are required. 


You are assigned an experienced, English-speaking, certified visa specialist who will listen to your questions and can provide clear answers.


As relocation specialist, our partners can provide you complete service. From helping you find housing, moving your household goods, dealing with customs, they can even pick you up and make sure you get to the right location when it's time for your immigration appointment. 

SRRV Testimonials

The Special Retiree Resident Visa (SRRV) program offers an easy path to permanent residency in the Philippines.

Our Visa Assistance Process


  • Click the red button below to start the process
  • Fill in a quick questionnaire with some basic information


  • Our visa specialist will schedule a 60 minute conference call to discuss your specific situation
  • You have an opportunity to ask any questions about the visa process or moving to the Philippines
  • You will get a clear recommendation on the best visa option for you and your family


  • If you decide to proceed, our partner will provide a list of services with clear upfront pricing you can use complete your move to the Philippines
  • Options can include a comprehensive visa service working directly with the Bureau of Immigration on your behalf, relieving you of the hassles of dealing with the Philippine bureaucracy.

Are you ready to find the BEST and FASTEST solution for you to live in the Philippines?





What you get:

  • A 60 minute meeting with a Visa and Immigration Specialist certified by the Bureau of Immigration and Philippine Retirement Authority
  • Get clear recommendations on which visa options are best for your situation
  • Get a clear understanding of the visa process and eliminate any surprises
  • Learn the next steps and what you need to do next to expedite the visa process
  • Clear up any confusion on the new entry rules and regulations, so you don't waste time

You can apply the $49 USD consultation fee to discount any future Relocation and Moving services you purchase from my Philippine partner.

So, if you decide to use them to process your visa application, your consultation is FREE. 

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As of April 1st, 2022, an Entry Exemption Document (EED) is no longer required.

Visa Required Notice

As of April 1st, 2022, if your passport is from India, Nigeria, or another country NOT on the previous list, then you only require a visa to enter the Philippines. An Entry Exemption Document (EED) is no longer required.

Sorry, under current guidelines we cannot help with short-term visas (tourism, business, treaty trader) for citizens of visa-required countries.

However, you may review this article on ways to apply for an short-term visa without our assistance.

As an example, are you former military, have a Filipino spouse, or want to purchase property in the Philippines.
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US Dollars
Price: $49

, feel secure with a 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE - Because I believe in the quality of my partners, I offer a FULL REFUND of your consultation fee for 14-days. No questions asked.

With over 8 years of expat experience and based on extensive knowledge working with Immigration and Visa Specialists, my partner selection process is very stringent. I know you will get your visa and immigration questions answered properly or your consulting fee returned to you.

Get started now!

Reinvent Your Dream Retirement In The Philippines

Frequently Asked questions

What will the complete visa service cost?

Prices vary depending on your specific needs and situation. After the initial consultation, our Nomadic FIRE EmbarkEx Immigration partner will provide you a detailed price list of services based on your requirements. 

Prices are upfront, clear, concise, and have no hidden fees. 

What services does the EmbarkEx Immigration partner offer?

Our Nomadic FIRE EmbarkEx Immigration partners offer a complete range of relocation services.

If you need additional assistance beside the visa process, our partners are relocation specialists with the ability to provide moving services, real estate search, storage, school search, and vehicle leasing assistance.

You can discuss all you needs in the initial consultation to understand what services can benefit you the most. 

Why should I use Nomadic FIRE EmbarkEx Immigration partner?

I carefully screen and select all Nomadic FIRE partners to ensure they have the highest level of in-country experience and visa expertise to provide you quality service. Our partners have decades of international relocation and immigration visa experience. 

Can I apply for the visa myself?

Yes. The PRA and Bureau of Immigration accept self submitted applications. However, using a Nomadic FIRE EmbarkEx Immigration partner will save you the hassle of searching for the correct information, the frustration of dealing with government bureaucracy,  and save you time by ensuring your application is submitted correctly the first time. 

Reinvent Your Dream Retirement In The Philippines