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Becoming an expat is a journey that often resembles a rollercoaster. You experience so many different emotions, doubt yourself at times, and take huge personal and professional risks by moving overseas.

This anthology is dedicated to telling the stories of expats and digital nomads who love living abroad, who have created fulfilling personal and professional lives outside of their home country, and most of all, who can’t imagine ever going back!

Chapter one is written by Marco Sison, who details the math, budgets, and financial process that allowed him to retire early at 41 by becoming an expat.

In Abroad: American Expats that Thrive Personally and Professionally Living in Foreign Countries, you will read nine uniquely inspiring chapters written by eight expat entrepreneurs currently living outside of their home countries. Authors have committed to sharing their stories, including their ups and downs, in order to encourage others interested in moving abroad to ultimately take the leap.

What exactly do the chapters in this book cover?

  • Chapter 1: How to Move Abroad, Retire Early, and Live Your Dream Life by Marco Sison covers the real numbers and budgets needed to be able to retire as early as in your 30s or 40s in a foreign country as well as the financial benefits expats take advantage of when living abroad.
  • Chapter 2: Submarines, Semiconductors, and Singapore: An American Expat Story by Nicholas Burns details how a foreign U.S. soldier used the skills he gained during his time in the Navy to secure his dream job that brought him around the world, before ending up in Singapore.
  • Chapter 3: Boldly Blooming Beyond Borders by Gabrielle Smith follows a former teacher who lost her job in Mexico due to COVID-19, but managed to turn her own expat experiences into a successful business that helps other foreigners move to Mexico and gives back by employing Mexicans in her local community.
  • Chapter 4: Passport to Pivot by Stephanie Wandke explores the all too common ups and downs of online entrepreneurship while traveling to remote destinations around the world, and how the author found her home and community while growing an in-demand business as an expat living in Merida, Mexico.
  • Chapter 5: Afar by Casey Hearne covers the author’s desire to get out of Texas at all costs, and how she became a busy entrepreneur running several local businesses in El Salvador while raising a bilingual child on her own.
  • Chapter 6: Live Outside Your Comfort Zone by Sara Tyler explores how the small town, low-income environment she grew up in limited what she thought was possible in her future, but how traveling and living abroad as a solo female expat allowed her the opportunity to create a life without limits.
  • Chapter 7: Operation Overseas by Stephanie Wandke compares the healthcare system costs and experiences in the U.S. with Cuba and Mexico, as well as her personal experiences having surgery abroad without the support of her family, instead relying on her local expat community to take care of her.
  • Chapter 8: Dreamers Are Doers by Hector Grimaldo details how a Mexican/American English teacher turned ed-techpreneur ended up living in Vietnam, the five-step formula he recommends to make your dreams come true, and the powerful mindset lessons he picked up along the way.
  • Chapter 9: Comfortably Uncomfortable by Vincent Reed explains how a TEFL teacher from a multi-cultural family accepted a challenge from his Dad that led to him teaching and living as an expat in China and Southeast Asia.

And many more obstacles that come up when you decide to make a foreign country your new home.

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