Heading overseas and need a travel wardrobe that is hassle-free, stylish, and comfortable? I’ve been testing Unbound Merino’s lightweight, anti-stink, wrinkle-resistant, and moisture-wicking clothing. Read my review to know why they are the perfect clothes for hot weather.

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When it comes to hot weather, the last thing you want is to feel weighed down by your clothes. (Just thinking about it makes me sweat.)

But finding clothes that are lightweight, breathable, and stylish can be a challenge. And let's not forget about the hassle of washing and drying them on the go.

Enter Unbound Merino, a clothing company specializing in merino wool travel clothing perfect for hot weather.

My Unbound Merino Recommendation





Prompt and helpful. Stellar return policy.


Many will cringe at the cost. But it's worth the long-term value


4+ year old shirt still going strong.


Timeless, Classic Style. Some may want more flash.

I'm all about practicality and no fuss. I love Unbound Merino clothes because of how comfortable they are, how versatile the styles look, how resistant they are to odors and wrinkles, and how the fabric keeps me cool and dry, even in humid countries like the Philippines or Colombia.

I could go on a week-long trip and only take three Unbound daily wear shirts, add a ScotteVest hoodie and a pair of Bluffworks pants, and be ready for any situation- from cool mountain trek to a night out in the city.

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I've been field testing 4 new items I purchased from Unbound Merino this year. This brings my total to 6 pieces of clothing from the company that I've been wearing for 4+ years.

  1. Unbound Merino Crew Neck T-shirt ( x 3 colors)
  2. Unbound Merino Active T-shirt
  3. Unbound Merino Polo Shirt
  4. Unbound Merino Button Up Shirt

I have built an almost complete traveler wardrobe from merino wool. I still have a few synthetic dri-fit-style shirts for working out, but I'll be slowly replacing my entire wardrobe with Unbound as shirts wear out. 

TL; DR Summary of My Unbound Merino Review

Pros of Unbound Merino

  • Performance- Unbound Merino clothing is made of lightweight, quick-drying, temperature-regulating, odor-beating, anti-wrinkle, and naturally UV-protective high-quality merino wool.
  • Classic Style- A range of multifunctional and timeless styles, perfect for expats looking for hassle-free clothing and mix-and-match styles.
  • Easy Care- Benefits of merino clothing include the ability to be worn for days or even weeks without washing.
  • Versatile- The clothing fits a diverse mix of activities and environments, from cosmopolitan capitals tours to remote mountain hikes, and from gym sessions to dinner dates.
  • High Quality- Unbound Merino clothing is built to last and can be worn for several years.

Cons of Unbound Merino

Based on 3 months of experience, my review of Unbound Merino clothing identifies five potential drawbacks 

  • Price- Unbound Merino clothing is durable but expensive. While cheaper in the long run, the upfront costs may not be feasible for everyone's budget.
  • Sensitive Skin- Merino wool is soft and non-itchy, but some individuals with extremely sensitive skin or allergies may still experience discomfort or irritation while wearing wool.
  • Piling- The first few washes cause the fabric to pill as loose fibers work their way to the surface. Piling eventually wears away after extended wear.
  • Extra Care- Merino wool clothing is very durable for everyday wear, but extra care must be taken to avoid moths.
  • Shrinkage- Merino wool can shrink if not washed properly or dried at high temperatures. Don't carelessly mix your favorite merino wool active shirt with your regular workout clothes.

 INSIDER TIP : Beware of Moths- Like all clothes made of wool (and other natural fibers), Unbound Merino wool is susceptible to moth damage. Moths are attracted to specific proteins in wool fibers and can lay their eggs and damage your favorite t-shirt. It is essential to take preventative measures when storing merino wool clothing longer term. Using mothballs, cedar wood, or lavender sachets in your closet or storage area will do the trick.

Brief History of Unbound Merino

Unbound Merino is a clothing company founded by three friends with a love for global music festivals and road trips. They discovered the power of merino wool but found the available apparel too geared towards outdoor adventure use.

What they found lacked the style and versatility required for their nomadic lifestyle. After researching and workshopping their ideas, they launched a crowdfunding campaign with a simple t-shirt. 

Thus, Unbound Merino was born.

Their origin story starts with the perfect merino wool shirt for hot weather but expands to a complete collection, including athletic gear, hoodies, pants, shorts, socks, and more.

Overview of Unbound Merino

Unbound Merino is a Canadian clothing brand focusing on high-quality, stylish clothing made from ultrafine merino wool. Unbound Merino's clothing line is designed to be timeless and adaptable to any environment, making it perfect for travelers who want to pack less and still look great.

Whether you're hiking atop a cool mountain or exploring a new city, Unbound Merino's clothing line offers simplicity, versatility, and performance.

Unbound Merino Specialization and Focus

Unbound Merino's area of expertise is clothing for travel and life abroad. Their classic style, designs, and fabric technology are ideal for expats living abroad in hot and humid countries.

They design clothes for people who are on the go and want simplicity and no-fuss comfortable clothing. Their collection of merino wool travel clothing is fashionable and practical. They recognize that expats need wrinkle-free, stink-free, comfortable, durable, and quick-drying material while maintaining style.

Quick Facts:

  • Headquarters: Ontario Canada
  • Founded: 2016
  • Unbound Merino sources all its wool from Certified ethical and humane independent farms in Australia.
  • The company is dedicated to creating durable clothing that can perform well in hot tropical weather, endure heavy day-to-day use, and last a lifetime.
  • Their clothing line incorporates the unique performance properties of Merino wool into practical clothing for hot weather with classic styles.
  • Unbound Merino clothing is tested to stand up to the rigors of travel and expat life abroad.

Does Unbound Merino warranty or guarantee their clothing?

Yes, Unbound Merino has a stellar reputation, and the company stands by the clothes they sell. You get 90 days from the delivery date to check your new clothes' performance, quality, and fit. If you are unhappy, you are eligible for a full refund.

Additionally, Unbound Merino offers replacement of any clothing purchased from them that doesn't stand up to the everyday wear, tear, and rigors of daily life overseas.

Unbound Merino Review - My Experience


The packaging from Unbound Merino was clean and simple, with a handwritten note included in the box. Three 100% ultra-fine merino wool t-shirts and a long-sleeve button-up shirt were neatly packaged and felt premium upon unboxing.

Lifting the shirts out of the box, I could feel the t-shirts were lighter weight. The long sleeve was made from heavier fabric but still incredibly soft. The clothing arrived undamaged and without any tags or plastic, with detailed care instructions included in the box.

Overall, the unboxing experience felt like a premium and quality brand.

First Impression

The first thing that stood out when putting on the Unbound Merino crew neck t-shirt is the softness of the fabric. Gone are the scratchy wool you remember from your ugly Christmas sweater 20 years ago. These shirt’s next-gen merino wool immediately feels as soft as your favorite broken-in cotton t-shirt that you have washed 100 times.

Unbound Merino Review closeup picture of superfine wool

Amazed by the feel, I looked upUnbound Merino’s secret sauce to non-itchy wool clothing. Their process uses only using super thin wool fibers (17.5 and 18.5 microns), classified as "superfine."

Superfine merino wool fibers are flexible and easily bend as they come into contact with your skin to make a ridiculously silky soft shirt.

Casual Wear

Not only is Unbound Merino clothing softer and more comfortable than even my favorite old cotton t-shirt, but their lightweight superfine merino wool fabrics have moisture-wicking and odor-resistant features ideal for running about in hot temperature countries.

I recently wore an Unbound Merino t-shirt for a day of hiking around the Sierra Gorda range in Queretaro, Mexico, where the blistering sun and hot temps hit 90+ F / 32 C. 

I was impressed the moisture-wicking properties of the merino wool kept me dry and comfortable all day.

I rotated three daily wear shirts for several months living in Mexico. Whether exploring Queretaro's museums, running to the market,  or just exploring the city for the best tacos, the Mexican summer heat wasn't an issue.

Man reviewing an Unbound Merino t-shirt under a Unbound Merino button-up shirt standing in front of a colorful mural in Queretaro Mexico

The t-shirt and long-sleeve shirt were also comfortable for extended periods, and the lack of flashy logos made them appropriate for various settings. Despite hitting over 10,000 steps daily and sweating profusely, the clothes remained odor-free, which was a pleasant surprise.

Dress Up

Unbound Merino clothing has versatility, unlike other clothing. For instance, I couldn't wear my Nike Dri-fit compression shirts for working out and on a date. However, my Unbound Merio t-shirt transitions perfectly from everyday wear to workout gear and can even be dressed up for a date night out.

Credit to the Unbound Merino team for versatile designs without large logos or busy patterns. Sticking to muted color options, casual fits, and simplistic styles makes pairing Unbound Merino clothing for any occasion easier.

Unbound Merino Wool T-shirt review with young couple walking in Vietnam. Male is wearing a blue merino wool t-shirt with a custom made suit

Here I am wearing a merino t-shirt as a base layer to a custom-tailored suit from Vietnam.

Work Out

The anti-smelly properties of merino wool apparel are a near-magical feature. Wool has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial agents that prevent the spread of bacteria that cause odor. To test the limits of this feature, I did the "girlfriend sniff test" after 6 straight days of working out.

I pushed the Unbound Merino athletic t-shirt a couple of times through my weekly workout trifecta. I wore the active merino t-shirt while boxing, lifting weights, and training calisthenics. 

The merino wool material kept me dry and comfortable even during intense exercise. The shirt kept me from overheating by wicking away the sweat from my body during 12 rounds of boxing.

Unbound Merino Review of male model boxing in an active merino wool t-shirt with raglan sleeves

The gym-friendly fit was trim and physique-accentuating, but not constricting. The shirt held up well during my calisthenics workout without stretching or losing shape.

The odor-resistant antibacterial clothing was also a huge plus, as the shirt didn't hold onto any unpleasant smells, even after 60 minutes of weight training and cardio sweat.

Even after wearing the same black shirt for 6 workouts and not washing it for a week, it passed my girlfriend's sniff test. With that endorsement, I highly recommend Unbound Merino clothing for any physical activity.


Unbound Merino clothing is designed to be low maintenance and easy to care for. For, *ahem*... lazier expats, you rarely have to wash Unbound Merino wool gear, even after sweating in hot weather. When you take a shirt off at night, hang it in fresh air, and it kinda cleans itself.

While the clothing doesn't require frequent washing, when it is time for a refresh, most Unbound Merino gear can go through a normal to cool temperature setting in the washing machine. However, I recommended using the delicate or wool cycle with cold water or hand washing in the sink.

To keep my clothes looking, I wash all my Unbound Merino clothes inside out to prevent pilling. I rarely dry anything on a wire hanger to avoid 'hanger bumps' or 'shoulder horns.'

 INSIDER TIP : Additional Unbound Merino Care Tips- Never tumble-dry merino wool, or it will shrink.

  • Avoid fabric softener to prevent pilling. All menino wool apparel initially gets some pilling. The little balls work themselves out after the shorter unessential fibers drop off after a couple of weeks of wear.
  • Some items, usually thicker knits and winter-weight tops have special care instructions. Check the inside clothing tag for specifics.


Unbound Merino sizing runs true to North American standards. I'm 6 foot tall, 165 pounds with a 42-inch chest and a 30-inch waist, and I wear a Medium in their crew neck t-shirts and Medium in bottoms (underwear and merino tencel sweatpants). 

If you fall between their standard sizes, pick the bigger size. Their styles lean toward a more modern fitted silhouette.

For example, I size up to a 32 x 32 in their merino travel pants, as the slimmer fit 30 x 32 doesn't fit my wider legs. 



Unbound Merino Fit Chart - IN

What are the benefits of wearing Unbound Merino in hot weather?

1) Keeps You Cool- Unbound Merino is lightweight and breathable

Unbound Merino's clothing is made with a high percentage (t-shirts are 100%) of ultrafine merino wool, making them lightweight and breathable, allowing your body heat to pass through in hot weather.

2. Sweat Management- Unbound Merino creates a dry microclimate next to your skin

Unbound Merino wool clothing is a game-changer in hot weather. Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, sweat vapor and liquid wick away quickly, creating a dry and cool microclimate next to your skin, even on hot and humid days. The natural properties of merino wool allow it to regulate body temperature, keeping the wearer cool in hot weather.

Synthetic materials like Dri-fit work well in wicking sweat away from the skin but do nearly nothing with sweat vapor generated by your body in humid environments. Cotton fabric is the opposite; great with sweat vapor but terrible at dealing with liquid sweat. Cotton shirts stay wet and heavy with sweat.

In contrast, Unbound Merino wool is highly absorbent. It can soak up 35% of its weight in moisture while wicking sweat away from your body. Clothes stop feeling damp and clingy to the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable.

This unique ability makes Unbound Merino clothing an ideal choice for hot weather clothing.

3. Never Smells- Unbound Merino is anti-stink and odor-resistant

Merino wool's efficient sweat absorption and evaporation keep you feeling cooler and more comfortable in hot weather and create an inhospitable environment for stinky bacteria to grow.

Additionally, merino wool has a waxy coating called lanolin. This natural antibacterial agent prevents the spread of bacteria that cause clothes to get stinky. The lanolin works in concert with merino's natural amino acids cysteine and arginine. These natural antimicrobial amino acids blow up the cell walls of bacteria, preventing them from multiplying.

These two natural features are why merino wool clothing doesn't smell compared to polyester or cotton. Unbound Merino clothing's hygroscopic properties, combined with its breathability, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying abilities, make it the perfect choice for anyone looking for comfortable and odor-resistant clothing in hot weather.

Ken S.

4. Quick Drying: Unbound Merino's lightweight fabrics handle the rain

Tropical weather comes with tropical rain. Whether riding a motorbike in Thailand, touring temples in Cambodia, or heading to the market in Vietnam, the rainy season in Southeast Asia means you'll inevitably get wet. Trying to dry off after getting caught in a flash rain storm is a pain in the ass- doubly so if you're wearing a cotton shirt.

Cotton is thick and heavy. Generally, the thicker the fabric, the more moisture it can retain and the longer it takes to dry. Unbound Merino lightweight fine-spun Merino wool clothing trounces cotton in quick dry ability. In fact, starting at ultra-fine 16.5 microns and weighing just 150 gsm, Unbound Merino lightweight t-shirts dry as quickly as any synthetic performance fabric of comparable weight.

5. UV Protection- Unbound Merino protects against sunburns

One of the biggest benefits of merino clothing in scorching weather and sun is the ability to protect against UV radiation The unique structure of the merino wool fibers creates a natural barrier against the sun's harmful rays.

The natural UV resistance properties of merino wool provide the rough equivalent to SPF 30+ protection.

6. Softer Than Cotton- Unbound Merino is itch-free and feels soft against the skin

Hot, sweaty, sticky, AND itchy sounds like you are describing a terrible medical condition. The last thing you want when living in a hot country is too tight, rough, or scratchy clothes.

Unbound Merino works closely with their growers to select the finest fibers for their clothing, making them a fantastic choice for next-to-skin layers that won't irritate or itch. Gone are the days of itchy, heavy, and bulky traditional wool you might remember from a sweater your parents made you wear decades ago.

The secret sauce is how Unbound Merino spins their fabrics- the finer the fiber and the softer it is to wear. Unbound Merino clothing starts at just 16.5 microns. Superfine fibers are so light that the wool bends when they touch the skin, causing no irritation or itch.

Unbound Merino's modern wool clothes only use luxurious fine-spun lightweight merino wool that is non-itchy, as soft as cotton, and super comfortable to wear even in hot climates.

James L.

What are the other benefits of merino wool clothing?

1. Easy Maintenance- Unbound Merino doesn't need to be washed as often as other fabrics

When you combine Unbound Merino's breathable and fast-drying fabrics with its anti-microbial and anti-stink benefits, you get clothes that almost clean themselves. Merino wool naturally stays fresher and cleaner for longer than other fabrics and doesn't need to be washed as often. I simply hang my Unbound Merino shirts out in the open next to a fan or, even better, near the air conditioner. I can go WEEKS of without doing laundry.

Ideal for minimalist wardrobes, with Unbound Merino, you can enjoy the benefits of easy maintenance without sacrificing style or comfort.

Eric J.

2. Easy To Wear- Unbound Merino is wrinkle-resistant

All Unbound Merino's apparel is made using a high percentage of merino wool. One of the practical benefits of merino wool is that it is naturally wrinkle-resistant, unlike other fabrics like linen or cotton, requiring ironing or steaming.

Merino wool fibers are crimped to function like a tightly coiled spring, which tightens back into shape after being pulled. This allows Unbound Merino clothing to be packed in a suitcase or backpack without worrying about wrinkles.

Additionally, removing any wrinkles is effortless - mist lightly with a spray bottle, and they will disappear within 10 minutes. The wrinkle resistance adds to the effortless upkeep making Unbound Merino's clothes perfect for travel or everyday wear.

3. Performance- Unbound Merino retains its shape

The high-quality construction and tight weave of superfine merino wool are incredibly stretchy even after wearing the same shirt for several days straight. This feature adds to Unbound Merino's durability- their clothing will retain the same drape and shape for years.

Merino wool's ability to stretch with your body as you move and bounce back into shape makes Unbound Merino great for workouts, hikes, or even yoga. My Unbound Merino Active t-shirt is made with a naturally stretchy knit that allows for a trim fit but without feeling tight or restrictive while I'm working out.

The elasticity of merino wool ensures the shirt moves when I move and doesn't constrict my movements.

4. Travel Friendly- Compact and Packable

I'm a bit of a travel wear minimalist when I move countries. I've lived in over 12 countries and visited 50+ with only carry-on luggage. Fitting my entire wardrobe into just my carry-ons avoids extra baggage fees, waiting in line at baggage claim, or worse, dealing with the hassle of lost luggage.

Even if you don't go to the same extremes as me, Unbound Merino wool clothes are some of the best men's clothes for travel. Merino wool is naturally compact and packable, allowing you to pack more clothing options in the same amount of luggage space.

Perfect for longer trips or digital nomads, the anti-wrinkle and odor-proof properties of merino wool make laundry a breeze.

One piece of Unbound clothing is adaptable to multiple situations, allowing you to wear one item for different outfits without taking up too much space in your luggage.

Man with dog reviewing a black Unbound Merino wool button up shirt in front of a church in Queretaro Mexico

For example, the Unbound Merino long-sleeve button-up shirt I'm wearing in this picture is a versatile standout piece- comfortable to wear on warm days to keep the sun off my skin, sleek enough to wear for a dressier occasion, and durability enough to wear as an outer layer on chillier days.

Unbound Merino Is Perfect For Traveling Abroad

  • Ditch The Heavy Suitcase- Pack lighter with odor-resistant clothes that you can wear several times without washing
  • Spend More On Fun Stuff- Save money on airline luggage fees by packing fewer lightweight clothes you can wear for different occasions.
  • Save Time At Airports- Avoid luggage check-in and breeze by baggage claim.

5. Affordable- Save money on Unbound Merino bundles

Ok. Affordable may be a stretch. The extra cost of Unbound Merino seems expensive at first glance, but its value makes it worth the investment. Unlike other clothing, Unbound Merino's high-quality construction ensures durability that will last years. A single merino t-shirt will last longer than 4 or 5 cheaper cotton t-shirts.

Plus, its unique properties of merino wool mean that it doesn't retain odor, so you can wear it multiple times without washing, making it perfect for travel. Versatile and stylish clothes mean you can wear the same clothes for various activities, from working out in the morning, a social setting during the day, or dining at a fancy restaurant at night.

Overall, the quality, durability, and versatility make Unbound Merino worth the price, plus the company offers money-saving bundles like this 3-pack of Unbound Merino wool t-shirts or this Hoodie you can pair with a v-neck t-shirt.

 INSIDER TIP The Shocking Math Behind Merino Wool Affordability- No doubt the upfront cost of a shirt or other Unbound Merino item can give you pause, but you get crazy value for the quality and high durability.

Unbound merino will last and last. . . much longer than any cheap-o cotton shirt, which means your "cost per wear" is highly affordable.

Let's break it down with some numbers.

  • If you include workouts and casual wear, I wear a t-shirt more than 9 times a week and have 3 shirts to rotate; that's about 3 wears per week. 
  • I've been wearing the same three merino wool T-shirts since I started traveling 8 years ago.
  • 8 years x 52 weeks = 416 weeks
  • 416 weeks x 3 wears per week = 1248 wears
  • Bundle of 3-Unbound Merino Shirts on sale costs $240 USD
  • $240 for 3 shirts / 1248 wears = 0.19 cents per wear

For less than a quarter, you can stay comfortable, dry, and stylish.

6. Sustainable- Unbound Merino is sustainable and environmentally-friendly

Unbound Merino not only makes some of the best lightweight clothing for men, but you can wear Unbound Merino clothing with a guilt-free conscience. Unbound Merino aims to encourage people to buy higher quality clothing pieces and fewer of them, promoting a more sustainable approach to fashion.

While many companies talk a good game about being eco-friendly, Unbound Merino invests money in certifications to ensure their clothes are made with sustainable and ethical practices.

The company sources its wool from independent, mulesing-free wool farms in Australia, guaranteeing cruelty-free treatment of the sheep. Unbound Merino's Merino wool is also Woolmark® certified. It adheres to the highest standards for fiber content, performance, color fastness, and dimensional stability. 

The company is also certified by RWS (Responsible Wool Standard), ensuring their wool meets animal welfare and land management standards. Their WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certification means their processes use safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing.

Compare Unbound Merino To Alternatives

FeatureMerino WoolCottonDri-FitLinen
Quick Drying

Unbound Merino Wool vs. Cotton Clothing

The benefits merino wool has several advantages over cotton clothing. The moisture-wicking properties of merino wool clothing are a fantastic choice to keep you refreshingly dry in hot weather.

In contrast, cotton clothing sucks up moisture like a sponge but releases sweat slowly. You end up feeling damp and uncomfortable. 

Additionally, Unbound Merino wool clothing is odor-resistant. It can be worn for extended periods without washing. In contrast, cotton clothing often requires frequent washing due to its tendency to trap odors.

Unbound Merino Wool vs. Performance Clothing

High-end performance synthetic fabrics like Dri-fit match merino wool's ability to regulate your body temperature by wicking sweat away from your skin to evaporate. However, some cheaper or generic synthetic fabrics do not breathe well, making wool more comfortable to wear in humidity.

Merino wool really pulls away from Dri-fit when it comes to handling stinky odors. My Nike Dri-fit shirts get funky after walking around town to grab lunch, and smell terrible after one workout. My Unbound Merino t-shirts can go days or even weeks without a wash and still not stink.

Unbound Merino's versatile styling can work as casual wear, workout gear, or even a date night outfit. Wearing compression Dri-fit clothes in public makes it look like you are heading to or from a sweaty gym.

Lastly, merino wool is a natural, renewable resource. Workout clothes made of synthetic fabrics are made from non-renewable resources, spew microplastics into our oceans, and contribute to the pollution of our planet.

Unbound Merino Wool vs. Linen Clothing

Merino wool is more versatile than linen. While both are lightweight and breathable, linen wrinkles like made and is a pain to maintain. On the other hand, merino wool is wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for, making it an excellent choice for travel and everyday wear.

Linen's stiffer structure has a more sophisticated drape. Still, the natural stretch and elasticity of merino wool make it a fantastic choice for athletic wear. You would look ridiculous wearing a linen shirt to the gym.

In terms of comfort, linen, and Merino wool fabric are great options for hot weather. Linen's open weave and lightweight nature provide a breezy feel. At the same time, Merino wool is softer and more comfortable against the skin than linen while still keeping you cool and stink-free.

 Unbound Merino Wool vs. Travel Clothing

This comparison is more a matter of personal style than performance. Unbound Merino travel clothing has an understated yet adaptable style I can wear anywhere. I can rock their t-shirts walking around Kuala Lumpur at night for dinner, riding a camel around in Egypt, or grabbing a cup of coffee in Rome.

Unless you work with a specialty brand like Bluffworks, most travel clothing is built for an Indiana Jones expedition to the Temple of Doom, not daily living abroad. Zip-off pants or hiking shirts with numerous pockets look ridiculous and still lack merino wool's moisture-wicking and odor-resistance benefits.

Unbound Merino vs. Other Merino Wool Brands

You have to appreciate Unbound Merino's understated style compared to other Merino wool brands. You won't find bright prints or large logos declaring your brand loyalty to the world. Instead, you'll find practical colors and mix-and-match style that gives you multiple looks and outfits with just a few pieces of clothing.

 INSIDER TIP : Ethically Sourced Wool- Not all merino wool is ethically sourced, so it is vital to research the company and its sourcing practices before purchasing. Unbound Merino is certified, ensuring that the sheep and the land they rely on are treated well. By following the Responsible Wool Standard and only working with mulesing-free wool farms in Australia, I can wear and recommend Unbound Merino clothing with a guilt-free conscience.

Key Take Aways: Is Unbound Merino worth the price?

I've been wearing my Unbound Merino clothing items for a couple of months now. The Unbound crew neck tee has become my daily wear shirt. They were part of my backpack wardrobe on weekend trips to Mexico City and Guanajuato. 

I'm a firm believer in quality over quantity. While the additional cost for merino wool travel clothing may seem high, the quality of Unbound Merino wool gear is a great value long-term. With 3-5 Unbound Merino t-shirts in your wardrobe, you'll have the tops you need to travel or live anywhere in the world with minimal fuss or washing required.

Break it down like this- I can get 15 to 30 wears between washes unless I spill food on my shirt (it happens more to my girlfriend with 2 left hands). I have five 100% Ultra-Fine Merino Wool shirts x 15 wears before needed to laundry a shirt = 75 days or 2.5 months of wear before laundry days.

Unbound Merino travel clothing is the perfect investment for high-quality, versatile clothing for sweltering weather. The luxurious feel, great fit, and versatility of an Unbound daily wear shirt make it a staple item in any travel wardrobe. Plus, the fact that it can be worn multiple times without laundering makes it a hassle-free option for those on the go. As an expat, I highly recommend Unbound Merino clothing for anyone looking to build the perfect travel wardrobe.


Now Get Free Shipping And Returns On US Orders

If for any reason you don’t love your Unbound Merino items, just send them back! Full refund or exchange for any reason within 90 days from the ship date.

FAQs: Unbound Merino Clothing Review

How do I wash Unbound Merino clothing?

While Unbound Merino clothing is naturally odor-resistant and self-cleaning, you'll need to do the wash occasionally. Most items can go regular cycle machine wash, though I prefer the delicate/gentle wash cycle. To dry, lay your clothing flat on a towel or air dry on a rack or the back of a chair.

Does Unbound Merino clothing keep you cool in hot weather?

Hygroscopic properties stop merino wool clothes from feeling wet and clingy to the skin. The moisture-wicking regulates your body temperature, and Unbound Merino clothes are highly absorbent, able to soak up 35% of its weight in sweat. 

Unbound clothing is lightweight, breathable, and fast-drying, keeping you cool and dry in hot weather.

How much is Unbound Merino shipping cost?

Unbound Merino offers worldwide shipping, but shipping cost varies depending on the destination. They offer Free Priority Shipping (7-9 business days) to the US. Expedited Shipping to the US (2-5 business days) costs $10, while Next Day DHL Express pricing is available at checkout.

What is Unbound Merino's Return Policy?

Unbound Merino has a "Love it or Return it" policy that allows for returns or exchanges within 90 days of the shipping date for clothing purchased directly from their website, as long as it is unworn, unwashed, and in its original condition with tags attached.

However, socks and underwear are 'Final Sale' and cannot be returned for sanitary reasons.

Refunds are issued to the original payment method, and exchanges are subject to availability. Shipping costs on the original order are not refundable.

Does Unbound Merino ship internationally?

Unbound Merino ships all their clothes internationally, but the exact cost varies depending on the destination. Priority Shipping to the USA and Standard Shipping to Canada is FREE. Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Rest of the World start at $15. Final amount is calculated at checkout.

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