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Philippines Investor Visa- How To Invest In The Philippines For Residency

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The Philippines Special Investor Resident Visa (SIRV), otherwise known as the Philippine Investor Visa, is a Golden Visa program allowing foreigners to live in the Philippines indefinitely by investing $75,000 in a local business. The SIRV is low-cost, has a low minimum age limit, and no physical presence requirements.

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This is very helpful, what will happen to my investments, will Iteceive shares monthly ? What are the risks

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Hi Annie,

What happens to your investment depends on the type of investment. For the SIRV, there are four types of investments allowed:

  1. Publicly- listed companies;
  2. In a focus industry listed in the current Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) of the Board of Investments:
  3. In the services or manufacturing sectors; OR
  4. Government securities.

The risk varies on the type of investment and all investments carry some type of risk. Always talk with a financial planner before making any investment decisions.

Hope that helps. If you have additional questions on the SIR Visa, drop us a line.

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