Retire Overseas and Live Abroad

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Comfortable retirement in the US has become a pipe dream for anyone who is not super-rich. If you don't have a huge retirement savings, expect to work until you drop. But what if I told you there was a hack that could make it feel like you doubled your retirement savings? It's simple. Jump on a plane and Retire Overseas.

For 50% less than what you are spending in the US, you can live large abroad: leisurely summers exploring Europe, warm winters on sunny Southeast Asian beaches, gourmet dinners out, housekeepers, and private drivers. You don't have to be wealthy to enjoy this luxury. You just need someone to show you the shortcuts to Live Abroad.

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Thinking about Living Abroad and Starting a New Life in a New Country?

Do you often catch yourself gazing out your cubicle window, and wonder what are you doing here? Here in this office, grinding another 50+ hour workweek? Attending the same tedious weekly meetings? How often do you contemplate escaping the 9-5 drudgery and ditching it all? Do you often daydream about living internationally and experiencing adventure in another country?

The reality is many of us fantasize about leaving the corporate rat race to start over. We dream of a different life, a better life living in a foreign country. My trigger to make my fantasy come true was a surprise; I was fired during a corporate restructuring. I didn’t panic. I didn't stress. I had been working toward Financial Independence for several years. Building up "F*ck You" money was more calming than yoga, antidepressants, and therapy combined.

I was invested, diversified, and had an emergency fund. Getting fired was the perfect storm, and this was my moment. I retired at 41 and have been living internationally for 5+ years. You don’t have to wait until something as drastic as being fired happens before you follow your dream of living abroad.

“Sure,” I can hear you thinking, “maybe after I work another 25 years and save a million dollars, I can live abroad. Or maybe I’ll just win the next lottery.”

Yeah, there are lots of people who fantasize about moving internationally, but not many who actually turn the dream into reality. If you are perpetually dreaming of living overseas, hoping and thinking, but feeling overwhelmed by how to do it, Nomadic FIRE can help. International retirement is honestly much easier than people think.