Cost of Living in Bali Indonesia- Canggu Bali’s Hipster Beachtown on $1250




  • Monthly budget in Canggu= $1,250 <skip to budget details>.
  • Dining out every day. Savoring healthy vegetarian meals, local warungs, and mango smoothie bowls.
  • Adventures at least one week a month exploring Bali's unique natural beauty.
  • Extensive network of foreigners and digital nomads to build a social circle.

I always dreamed about moving to Bali for good and living the digital nomad lifestyle. 2020 presented the perfect opportunity to take the leap when my marriage suddenly broke off. I sold everything I owned, despite the global pandemic. Leaving the UK's corporate finance world, I followed my passions that led me to Canggu, Bali.

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young woman enjoying the low cost of living in Bali indonesia

It wasn't the first (and probably won't be the last time) that I moved to live in a different country. I was born in a small town in Poland, and all I ever dreamed about is traveling and living in different countries. I have lived all over Europe, Poland, Greece, Spain, and the United Kingdom, where I spent the last 14 years, and now Canggu, where I've already spent four months.

There is no better place for starting up an expat life than Canggu. Digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and retirees worldwide made this piece of tropical paradise home base. 

Canggu is the place where you can meet and connect with like-minded people, work from chic cafés, and have a chilled island life far away from the restricting 9/5 lifestyle. 

The local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). At the time of this writing, the exchange rate is 1 US Dollar = 14,000 IDR. For reference, 1 Euro =17,150

What Is The Average Cost Of Living In Canggu, Bali?

After a full day in the ocean, everyone deserves a rest break.

$1250- Cost of Living in CANGGU BALI Details [HIDE]

Total Monthly Expense$1250
Rent- Private room Guesthouse with pool325
Water/Sewer/High Speed Internet/ElectricityIncluded
Maid Service - DailyIncluded
Cell Phone- 5 GB Internet Per Month5
Total Housing Expense330
Takeaway- Breakfast Smoothie Bowls116
Budget Warung- 3-course lunch + fresh coconut137
Mid-Priced Café- Vegetarian meal with coffee244
Total Food Expense496
Netflix and Spotify Subscriptions22
Budget Night Out- Sunset Drinks with Friends 2 times per Month24
Weekend Trips 2 time per Week91
Total Entertainment137
Visa Renewals per Month58
Motorbike Rental + Gas/Petrol per Month53
Go Jek (Indonesian Uber) 1 time per Week16
Total Transportation Expense127
Travel Health Insurance59
Health Care Expense59
Laundry Service per Month10
Beauty Services (Hair, Nails, Waxing)28
Personal Care (Shampoo, etc.) & Household Items (Soap, etc.)28
Other Misc Expenses35
Total Personal Care and Misc Expense101
Exchange Rate to $1 USD to Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)14000

My average monthly budget for a single person living in Canggu is $1,250 (17.4m IDR). This amount excludes business expenses and contractual UK bills, including my UK mobile phone, doctor's prescription, and drone insurance. 

I have a simple yet engaging life here in Canggu. I live in a decent guesthouse that has a lovely swimming pool. I commute everywhere on a rented scooter. Because I spend a lot of time working on my business in cafésI usually have my meals there. I never cook. I don't really drink and party, partly because of the pandemic, partly because it's my choice, and alcohol is almost as expensive as back home.

I do travel a lot around Bali. But the cost of that is minimal because I travel on my scooter and stay in cheap hotels. The cost of traveling, which is about one week a month, is included in the total budget. 

Bali Cost Of Living Comparison Vs. The US

Even moving to "expensive" popular beach towns in Bali  could save you ~$18,000 in reduced living costs. 

It's hard to imagine that Canggu was until very recently a quiet surfer village surrounded by fields of rice. But with Seminyak, Kuta, and Ubud already swarming with tourists, travelers overflowed to Canggu.

The rice paddies are still here, but with a cement "shortcut" that becomes a parking lot of motorbikes and cars during rush hour.

woman on a sunset beach enjoying the low average cost of living in bali indonesia

Living in Canggu allows for daily photos of dream-like sunsets on the beach. 

Prices have increased across the board. The high monthly living cost in Canggu will shock expats from Vietnam, Mexico, Turkey, or other low-cost beach destinations. However, there are still plenty of geoarbitrage opportunities for Americans coming from the United States.

Let's add some context to the $1,250 monthly budget. The chart below compares a medium-cost city in the US (Portland) vs. the average cost of living in Bali, Indonesia.

The Top 4 essential costs in the US are housing, food, transportation, and healthcare. These 4 expenses make up 68% of the average costs in a major city.

Key Living Costs

















Total Average Per Month



Save 59% on Major Monthly Expenses

What Kind of Lifestyle Can I Afford On $1250 Per Month?

Clearing your mind and enjoying $7 massages is one of Canggu's affordable luxuries.

What Is It Like Living In Canggu?

A typical day of a Canggu expat starts by waking up early in the morning to go for a workout or morning walk on the beach with your dog. If you're a surfer, you will be heading to the beach to catch the morning waves with your surfer friends. 

To compliment starting your morning with some healthy movement, you head to a trendy café for some fresh food. You snack on a delicious fruit smoothie bowl or smashed avocado on toast while working on your laptop until the afternoon. Next, you probably meet some new friends for lunch that you connected via Instagram or Facebook expat group. 

In the late afternoon, after a little more work, you head to your pool for a dip and some laps. Around 6-ish, you head to the beach to see another dazzling sunset, catch up with friends and plan some exciting adventures around Bali. There are so many stunning places nearby, and you cannot resist but plan excursions most weekends.

For Fun On The Weekends

Weekends in Canggu are much more chilled. Most people go away to Uluwatu to enjoy the beautiful beaches or head to Ubud to unwind in nature. Ubud is home to Bali's most Instagrammable hotels, including epic bamboo houses built right in the jungle. Also, Ubud is an excellent base for exploring north of Bali. Think chasing waterfalls, trekking through rice terraces, and volcano hikes that are a must on your Ubud itinerary! 

If you're less of an adventurer, a weekend spent in Canggu can be great too. Weekends are great for visiting Canggu markets and buying eco-friendly toiletries, hand-made bakes, and organic produce. Other typical weekend activities are spending a day in a fancy beach club such as Finns and getting pampered at a spa, followed by a seafood dinner and wine on the beach.

The low average cost of living in bali indonesia allows a young woman to relax on vacation in Uluwatu

Uluwatu on a weekend adventure

What Does An Apartment Cost In Canggu?

Most places you'll stay in Canggu will come with a gorgeous swimming pool to cool down from the warm weather.

Housing Costs


There are three main areas to live in Canggu:

  • Batu Balong- popular for the nightlife and closet to trendy Echo Beach
  • Berawa beach- less popular and a little less crowded
  • Perera – the quietest area, perfect for expat families.

I live in Batu Balong, 5 minutes drive from Echo Beach. I pay 4,500k IDR a month ($325) for a double room, all utility bills (electricity and water) and wifi included. The guesthouse has 15 private rooms with separate bathrooms, a fully equipped shared kitchen, a lovely pool area, and a rooftop where you can do yoga. Most guesthouses include a housekeeper for daily light cleaning.

Standard Interior for most Bali guesthouses between $300 - $450 per month

If you want to rent out a one-bedroom apartment, expect to pay between 5,000k and 12,000k IDR depending on the standard and location ($360 - $863). One-bedroom apartments with a shared swimming pool in Batu Balong rent for 8,000k IDR ($576). Nearly all apartments and villas in Canggu come fully furnished.

A private room in a guesthouse rents for 2,500k and 7,000k IDR. An average price for a two-bedroom villa rental with a pool is around 11,000k IDR ($792).

 INSIDER TIP : The discount rental rates during the pandemic were abnormally low. The guesthouse I'm staying in now costs 3,000k IDR ($216). But leases gradually went back up when borders opened for different visa holders.

What is an Estimated Food Budget For Canggu?

Canggu is home to several vegetarian cafes, including Vinny's, where menus offer delish plant-based burgers for $5

Food Costs


My daily average food budget is just under 250k IDR ($18). I'm vegetarian, perfect as Canggu restaurants focus on healthy foods. I also never cook at home. I don't have time to cook, plus I live on my own. Buying groceries and cooking for one person would be equally expensive as eating out. Plus, Canggu is chock full of chic cafés and bistros serving trendy yet delicious food. 

Typically, I eat three times a day. I start with a takeaway, fully loaded smoothie bowl that is topped up with peanut butter, granola, and cut-up fruit for 55k IDR ($3.8). Then I have lunch at a cheap to medium range café where I have a salad, a buddha bowl, or avocado on toast. If the café is more expensive, I only have a glass of complimentary water with my meal. 

Due to pandemic and closed borders, many cafés run promotions where you can have lunch or breakfast for 50k IDR, which is less than $4. In some places, that includes juice or coffee. I'll stop at a local warung for dinner, or depending on how hungry I am, maybe just some fresh fruit.

Example Of Meal Prices In Canggu

Budget Warungs– Fish or meat dish at a local warung – 39k IDR ($2.8). This includes rice or noodles, fish, two sides from the protein section – tofu, egg, spring rolls, and two vegetable sides. The meal is super filling and easily satisfies my hunger. Fresh coconut at the same warung cost 24k IDR ($1.7).

Mid-range cafés  Vegan burger with sweet potato fries– 85k IDR ($6). Try Secret Spot in Canggu for some great vegan eats. If you want to add coffee to go with your lunch, expect to pay around 30k IDR ($2). 

Upscale Restaurants– Evening meals are the most expensive but still very affordable. You can have an excellent, locally sourced barramundi fish with vegetables for 110k IDR ($7.6). A glass of wine to go with it will add another 85K ($5.9) on top of your bill. 

Smoothie Bowl $4- Loaded with fresh local fruits, granola, and other healthy goodies

Nasi Campur $3 - Filling meal of rice, protein, and vegetables at a local Warung.

Peloton Supershop Tricken burger $75

 Vegan Burger $5 - A Tricken Schnitzel Burger from Peloton, a mid-range cafe

How Much Money Do You Spend For Entertainment?

$2 Bintangs on Echo beach with friends

Entertainment and Sports


Canggu is big on sports and gym memberships, and they are actually pretty pricey compared to what most people pay back in Europe or the US.

 INSIDER TIP : Saving On Fitness- If you are looking for a basic local gym, Surya Fitness Center is a cheaper option to keep up your training on a budget. The entrance fee for a single day is $1.50, and a monthly pass runs $20. Their chocolate and banana protein shakes for $2 are well worth the money.

  • Surfboard Rental $3.50- Surfing lessons – 200k IDR per 2 hours ($14)Surfboard rental – 50k IDR for 2 hours ($3.5)
  • Sunset Cocktails $5- Cocktails at Beach Clubs- $5 Fresh coconut on the beach – 20k IDR ($1.4)
  • High-End Gym Membership $86 per month-  Monthly gym membership costs an average of 1,200k IDR ($86), which I pay. That includes unlimited daily classes such as HIIT, boxing, and yoga. Some gyms come with a jacuzzi and ice bath, but they are a little pricier – 1,500 IDR ($104). Gyms targeting foreigners have memberships as expensive as the USA. However, they also provide excellent services and often employ very experienced trainers. 
  • Beers with Friends $2- Small local beer (Bintang) from the beach shack – 30k IDR ($2)
  • Weekend Trips $ varies- Other things that I do for fun are sunset drinks on the beach and trips away around Bali. Living in Bali is great for being able to go on weekends away. If you travel on your own motorbike, it only cost around 30k IDR ($2) in petrol to get to places. Entrance fees to beaches, temples, and waterfalls are also very affordable and cost between 10k and 50k IDR ($0.7 - $3.5). Budget double room in Ubud – 417k IDR ($30)Return speed boat to Nusa Penida – 600k IDR ($43)

 INSIDER TIP : Yoga Studios In Canggu- While Ubud is better known for yoga, Serenity in Canggu is an excellent yoga studio with an intense Ashtanga class. An unlimited monthly pass costs $155 or buy a package of 20 yoga classes for $110. 

What Does Transportation Cost?

Motorbikes, scooters, and big bikes are the primary means of transportation in Bali. 



Bali's local transport is non-existent. Most foreigners living in Canggu use a scooter/motorbike to commute in Canggu and travel around Bali. 

Motorbike rental costs between 400k and 900k, depending on the type and your negotiation skills. I pay 600k IDR ($43) for a moppet. Petrol is very cheap in Bali and is sold by local vendors on the road's side in glass bottles. Expect to pay 30k IDR ($2) to fill up the tank of a moppet. My petrol budget is around $10a month, including driving around Canggu and at least one trip away within Bali. 

 INSIDER TIP : Medical Insurance and Scooter Rental- Unless you are 100% legal riding a motorbike in Bali (motorcycle license from your home country, an International driving permit, and wearing a helmet), your health insurance will not cover you for any accidents while riding a scooter or motorbike. 

If you don't drive a scooter, you can use the Go Jek app to move around Canggu. Go Jek is is the Asian Uber. An average ride within Canggu will cost around 50k IR ($3.5).

 INSIDER TIP : Taxi Mafia- Balinese people are some of the friendliest and kindest people you will ever meet. Local taxi drivers less so. I witnessed multiple taxi drivers aggressively confront my Grab rides. If you need a ride, Blue Bird taxis are a more reliable choice. Just watch out for fake Blue Bird taxis. 

Unfortunately, Canggu is not highly walkable. Most streets don't have sidewalks for pedestrians, and you rarely see anyone ever walking. The roads are poorly maintained in some parts, and the traffic on the main roads can be terrible. 

International Flights

Located in South Bali, Denpasar, between Kuta, Sanur, and Canggu is Bali's international airport.

Ngurah Rai International Airport(DPS) has direct flights to 9 different countries for roughly $100. A $35 flight to stopover in Jakarta, Indonesia opens up even more international destinations. 

Looking to plan a weekend trip in Southeast Asia? The top international destinations from here are Singapore (SIN) and Kuala Lumpur (KUL). 

Airport Pick Up-  Avoid the stress and hassle of finding a taxi in a strange country. Get a safe airport pickup with no hidden costs.

Other Costs When Moving To Canggu

  • Cell Phone Data Plan $14-  65k IDR ($5) for 5 GB of internet data
  • Men's Barbershop $3-  Hair cut (women) – 300k IDR ($22)
  • Coworking Space $15- Expat retirees aren't the only ones flocking to Bali. Canggu is a mecca for the digital nomad crowd. If you have a side hustle or are coasting to retirement, you snag a day pass at Dojo Bali or from several other coworking spaces for ~$15.  
  • Monthly Visa Renewals $58- Monthly visa renewals: 800k IDR ($58)

Affordable Luxuries

Canggu is an excellent place to spoil yourself in affordable luxuries you would consider too indulgent back home. My favorite splurges include:

  • Massages and Spa Services $7-  Full body massages 90 minutes - 100k IDR ($7). Waxing (full legs) – 165k IDR ($12)Waxing Brazilian – 95k IDR ($7)Shellac Pedicure – 225k IDR ($16)Shellac Manicure with art in a fancy salon – 400k IDR ($29)
  • Maid Service $INCLUDED- My rent includes a cleaning service 2 times per week with 1 time per week change of sheets and towels.  
  • Laundry Service $14- Laundry service is not really a luxury in Bali as most villas and guesthouses don't have washing machines. I pay 15k IDR per 1 kg of laundry, and that price includes pick-up and delivery and a press. My monthly cost is $10. 

One-time moving costs

There were some one-time moving costs that I incurred. Although they may differ for you, you'll get a good feel of what they may be.

  • Business Visa $320-  Application and processing fee
  • PCR Test $292- Requirement to enter the country 

What is Healthcare Like In Bali?



Medical insurance for Foreigners- My travel insurance acts as my health insurance while traveling abroad. Any health issues or medical emergencies I have while traveling are covered for $700 a year. 

Quality of Healthcare- So far, I used Bali's healthcare system on two occasions: when I couldn't move my arm after the gym and when I had ear infections. In both cases, the pharmacy gave me medication which helped; I don't have complaints.

Will My Home Country Health Insurance Cover Me?

Most likely no. Most health insurance will not cover you for any injuries sustained outside your home country. To get protection while living abroad, there are two options:

  • Travel Health Insurance- This will cover you for unexpected medical issues while overseas. However, the coverage requires you to maintain insurance in the United States or your respective home country. I pay roughly $50 per month for complete coverage with no deductible.
  • Expat Medical Insurance- If you retire abroad, expat health insurance is a more complete option. Expat Medical Insurance is the "normal" insurance you are familiar with from home. Coverage is built for people who live in a country versus traveling. While more expensive than Travel Medical Insurance, premiums are still cheaper than in the US. 

Will I Have To Pay Taxes Living In Bali?

Expats residing in Indonesia for more than 182 days over a 12-month period (rolling 12-months, not calendar year, is considered a tax resident. Foreigners also trigger tax residency if you live in Indonesia during the fiscal year AND intend to reside there. 

Indonesia has a Double Taxation Treaty with the US. Speak with a tax advisor to minimize your tax liability.

What Is Not Included In The Monthly Budget?

Expat Taxes

If you stay longer than 183 days, many countries will consider you a tax resident. Being an expat may help you save money on your taxes. Talk to a tax professional to see how tax residency applies to you. I partnered with a firm specializing in expat taxes to secure a special deal for Nomadic FIRE readers.

Use the promotion code "Nomadic25Consultation" for $25 off a tax consultation to get you started. 

Even better, use their experts to prepare your tax return, and the entire consultation is FREE.

Moving Costs

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What Are The Visa Requirements For Bali Indonesia?

Visa policy in Indonesia pre-pandemic. The current visa situation in Bali is in flux. 

Visa Exempt or Visa Free Short Stays (less than 30 days)

Americans can enter Bali and stay for 30-days visa-exempt and at no cost. You can simply arrive and get stamped through immigration at the airport. This visa CANNOT be extended.

There are 169 countries eligible to enter Bali without a visa

Visa On Arrival (30 - 60 days)

Bali has a tourist visa for visitors looking to stay for over 30 days. The "Visa On Arrival" costs $35 can be purchased at the airport and can be extended for another 30 days (60 days total). 

The US and 61 other countries are eligible for a Visa on Arrival. 

Business, Social, or Cultural Visa

This is the prior loophole method many visitors were using to enter Bali during the lockdown. This visa required the assistance of a visa agent to organize the government documents required, including a "Letter of Invitation." 

Agents have informed me that as of January, 2021, the social visa option is no longer possible. The situation in Bali, as in many places in the world, is fluid and can change daily. 

 EDITOR'S NOTE : What about a Retirement Visa? - Indonesia has a retirement visa available for US retirees looking to stay long-term in Bali. The visa has more conditions than retirement visas in other countries and requires a visa agent and "sponsor" as part of the application. 

  • $1,500 per month of documented pension income or show $18,000 of savings in the bank
  • Be 55 years or older
  • Full life and medical insurance
  • Employ an Indonesian local as a domestic helper (caretaker, maid, assistant, etc.)
  • Retirement visa is valid for one-year and can be renewed five time (5-years total)
  • $500 application fee

Only the United States and 51 other countries are eligible for a retirement visa.

List of other countries with easier retirement visa options

Moving to Canggu – useful tips

There are some useful Facebook groups to check out before moving to Canggu. Canggu Community Housing is excellent for finding accommodation. Bali Expats are also great for some helpful information to do with visas and transition.

Bali For Women- There are two supportive and helpful Facebook groups focused on helping women acclimate to life in Bali or to just find a companion for sunset drinks and Bali adventures. 

It's also a good idea to just book one week on Airbnb and look for long-term accommodation while you're physically in Canggu. 

Making friends in Canggu is very easy; it is a small expat community here, and everyone knows everyone. You can connect with people through Instagram. 

I would recommend having at least two different types of debit/ credit cards in terms of finances. Some cards don't work in Bali, and ATMs tend to be sketchy, so it's always good to have a backup. I use Monzo Card and Revolt. 

Think carefully about what to take with you. Shipping to Bali when you're already here is very tricky and expensive. They also add duty and tax on anything shipped here, so chances are you won't be buying anything from abroad once you here. 

Compare Cost Of Living In CANGGU BALI

Still researching the best cities for retirement? Check out our extensive Cost of Living collection for the best expat destinations. Get insider information and real examples of expat life from people who have spent years living abroad. I've compiled all the information you need: cost breakdowns, insider tips to save money, and detailed examples of the quality of lifestyle you can enjoy. 

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Final Thoughts: Life in Canggu

Moving to Canggu has been the best decision of my life despite all difficulties and adjustments I had to go through. The chilled vibe of the island life, the inspiring international expat crowd, and the affordability make this place, hands down, one of the best locations to live for digital nomads.

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Travel Tools and Resources

Skyscanner- My favorite airline search tool to find all the cheapest flights in one place.
Airport Pick-Up Service- Arrive at your destination stress-free with a private car cheaper than most taxis. 

Loctote- My favorite day pack. Secure your belongings while walking around town.


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