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Requirements and How-To Apply For A Philippines Visa For UK Citizens

Learn the complete entry and travel requirements and how to apply for a Philippines visa for UK citizens. The Philippines is one of the easiest countries for UK citizens to obtain tourist and long-term resident visas. The visa application process for British citizens is simple, fast, and easy. minutes


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Hi, I'm Marco Sison. I worked in finance for Fortune 50 companies before retiring early at 41 years old. I have been an expat for over 10 years, living in over 50 countries to show you the best ways to save, invest, and live in amazing countries outside the USA. I am a trusted resource on personal finance and overseas retirement for US News & World Reports, HuffPost, MSN Money, USA Today, ABC Network, Yahoo Finance, Association of MBAs, the iTunes documentary Seeking FIRE, and the Amazon Best-Seller- Abroad: Expats That Thrive.

Entering The Philippines With A British Passport

Get your UK passports ready! There are now fewer entry requirements for British citizens traveling to the Philippines. The Inter-Agency Task Force Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) on Oct 4th announced that the Philippines Bureau of Immigration could resume issuing Philippine visas for UK citizens, regardless of vaccination status. 

The Philippines’ world-class islands, stunning beaches, and famously friendly Filipino hospitality are ready and waiting for British citizens to return. 

This post may contain affiliate links. I may get a commission if you purchase something using my link. Please note, there is NO ADDITIONAL COST to you. For more information, please see my disclosure.


Show a mandatory departure ticket. You cannot enter the Philippines on a one-way ticket if you only have a tourist visa or visa on arrival. You will need a flight ticket with a date leaving the country before your visa expires. Save money by showing immigration you have  a cheap onward travel ticket for just $14

Get help with your visa. The Philippines visa process can get complicated. The rules and regulations change frequently. Avoid the hassle of dealing with the immigration bureaucracy by speaking with a Philippines Visa Specialist. 

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How To Find The Cheapest Flights To The Philippines

Can UK citizens travel to the Philippines?

Yes. The Philippine Bureau of Immigration announced it would lift travel restrictions for all citizens of the UK, regardless of they are unvaccinated. All UK citizens can once again enter the Philippines 30-days visa-free, regardless of vaccination status.

After 30-days, UK citizens can extend their Philippine visa for 1, 2, or 6-months for up to 3-years.

After nearly two years of restrictions, the Philippines is back with a bang!

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Requirements to go to the Philippines for UK citizens

  1. Be a citizen of a visa-free country (*Hint: The United Kingdom is a visa-free country);
  2. As of August 2023, COVID restrictions have been lifted. Fully vaccinated with two approved shots (one shot, if it's the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine) and present valid proof of vaccination status; OR
  3. Show a negative antigen test result taken no more than 24 hours old; OR
  4. Take a antigen test at the airport on arrival into the Philippines; AND
  5. Present a onward ticket dated no more than 30 days from arrival (you can get an onward ticket here for $14);
  6. Hold a valid passport with at least 6-months validity until expiration; ; AND
  7. eARRIVAL CARD- The One Health Pass has been officially replaced with the electronic ARRIVAL CARD (eARRIVAL CARD). The eArrival card should be filled out 72 hours prior to your trip  to the Philippines. The eArrival card is free of charge. If a website is asking for a registration fee, you are on a scam website. Use the official eArrival website
  8. Purchasing health insurance covering medical treatment of at least $35,000 USD is no longer required, but highly recommended. 

You can read the complete Philippines visa-free entry requirements for UK citizens here.

As of August 2023, COVID restrictions have been lifted. Exemptions for COVID insurance (#7) and Onward Ticket Requirements (#5):

  • Foreign spouses and unmarried minor children of Filipino citizens;
  • Former Philippine citizens with Balikbayan privileges (Republic Act No. 9174) and their foreign spouse
    and unmarried minor children when traveling together; 
  • Foreign citizens with valid immigrant visa, non-immigrant visa (9A visa holders are not included), or special
    visa issued by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration; or 
  • Minor child under 12 years old is exempt from the vaccination requirement if traveling with a vaccinated British parent
Philippine visa requirement for UK citizens includes this list of accepted proof of vaccinations

Where can I buy medical insurance that covers me in the Philippine insurance?

You can get a FREE quote using any of the links below. I pay roughly $50 per month for roughly $500,000 of no deductible coverage, including medical evacuation.

Travel Health Insurance- This insurance covers unexpected medical issues while overseas. However, the coverage requires you to maintain insurance in the UK. 

Expat Medical Insurance- If you living abroad, expat health insurance is a more complete solution. Expat Medical Insurance is the "normal" insurance you are familiar with in the UK. Coverage is built for expats versus tourists.

Will my UK health insurance cover me in the Philippines?

Most likely no. Health insurance will not cover you for any minor injuries sustained outside the United Kingdom. You will either need to get travel medical insurance or Expat Medical Insurance.

Philippines' Travel Restrictions Visitors Leaving From The United Kingdom

Foreigners cannot enter the Philippines from the UK unless they:

  1. Have a UK passport or are a citizen from a country under Philippines EO 408OR
  2. Hold a valid visa ; OR
  3. Be a former Filipino citizen entering the country under Balikbayan Privilege; OR
  4. Be a foreign spouse or child of a Philippine national traveling with you.
  5. As of April 1, 2020, an Entry Exemption Document (EED) from the Department of Foreign Affairs is no longer required.

Philippines Visa Requirements for UK Citizens

UK citizens staying in the country for business or tourism can enter the Philippines visa on arrival for up to 59 days. UK citizens who wish another type of Philippine visa will need to present documents supporting the purpose of their stay. UK citizens can check the different requirements here for different Philippines Visa Types.

Long-term Philippine visa minimum requirements are:

  1. Duly completed visa application forms
  2. Two passport-style photos with plain white background, no eyeglass, nor sleeveless attire
  3. A valid passport and photocopies of the passport data page
  4. Proof of financial capability supporting their authorized stay in the Philippines
  5. Police background check
  6. Medical examination by a qualified physician
  7. Additional documents requested by the Philippine Immigration Authorities

 INSIDER TIP : Entry Privilege Into the Philippines -  A visa does not grant UK citizens the right to enter the Philippines. The visa allows permission to request entry into the country. The people checking your travel documents and passport at the port of entry can deny entry into the Philippines.

How can a UK citizen extend a Philippines Visa?

UK citizens extend a temporary visa at an eligible BI regional, district, or main office. UK citizens on a visa-on-arrival (VOA) have an initial for 30 days before extending their visa. Those who secured a visa from the Philippine consulate in the UK have 59 days, before requiring a visa extension.

British citizens must extend their visa before their authorized period expires or risk an overstay fine of 500 PHP per month, plus retroactive visa extension fees. All visa fees and overstay fines are payable at a Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) office.

Click here to download the Philippines visa extension forms for UK citizens.

Application Process Philippines Visa For British Citizens

The visa application process changes for British citizens applying for a Philippine visa from the UK versus applying after arriving in the Philippines.

How To Apply For A Philippine Visa In The United Kingdom

9a Temporary Visitor Visa- Applying for a 9a visa allows UK citizens to stay in the Philippines for up to 59 days before requiring an extension. Applying for a 9a in the UK requires you to provide documentary proof of identity (UK passport). Depending on your stated reason to enter the Philippines, additional documentation will be provided.

Check the Philippine Embassy or Consulate-General in your jurisdiction for specific application forms and requirements, as the process can change at each consular office.

Basic requirements for 9a applications include:

  1. UK residents must complete the visa application form online
  2. Recent passport photograph with a plain white background
  3. Original UK passport valid for at least six months beyond exit date in the Philippines with at least one blank visa page
  4. Photocopy of the valid passport data and amendment pages
  5. Proof of sufficient financial capability (income tax return, investment certificate, current account bank statement, pay stub, etc.).
  6. An onward travel ticket returning to the UK or your next country of destination dated no more than 30-days after you arrive in the Philippines.
  7. Immigration authorities reserve the right to request additional documentary requirements pending the visa application evaluation.
  8. Visa fee- £28.00  for a single entry 9a visa valid for 3-months; Visa-required nationals pay a visa processing fee is £37.00
  9. Only Postal Money Order or Bank Draft (for those residing in Ireland) are accepted payments methods
example of 9a Philippine visa for British citizens

13a Permanent Marriage VisaUK citizens married to Philippine citizens can apply for a 13a Permanent marriage visa in the United Kingdom. While the 13a process is faster and cheaper in the UK versus applying in the Philippines, the married couple must currently be in the United Kingdom for a visa application interview by the UK Consulate General.

If one spouse is still in the Philippines, then they will need to wait and apply for the 13a Probationary visa when they are both in the Philippines

Each consular office may have its own version of the 13a visa application forms. Contact the Philippine Embassy or Consulate-General in your jurisdiction for specific requirements.

Documentation requirements for UK citizens submitting a 13a application include:

  1. 13a Visa application form FA Form No. 3- Three copies duly accomplished and signed
  2. Six passport photograph (size: 2" x2" inches) with plain white background
  3. Applicant's valid passport (must be more than 6 months valid) and photocopies of the passport data page
  4. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) or other proof of dissolution of the prior marriage (death certificate, annulment order, divorce papers) authenticated and duly annotated by the local civil registrar; original and three photocopies
  5. Proof of marriage to the Filipino national: PSA authenticated Marriage Contract or Philippine Embassy or Consulate authenticated Marriage Certificate; Original and three photocopies
  6. A PSA authenticated Birth Certificate or a Report of Birth issued by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate for any minor children.
  7. Proof of Philippine Citizenship- Birth certificate of the Philippine spouse authenticated by the PSA
  8. Original passport and copy of the spouse's Philippine passport bio-page.
  9. Notarized Proof of Sufficient Funds and Affidavit of financial capacity by visa applicant, with supporting documents (monthly bank statement, investment certificate, pension benefit statements, etc.)
  10. Joint Letter of Request signed by the Filipino spouse, confirming Philippine citizenship and endorsing the visa application of their foreign spouse. 
  11. “Certificate of Good Moral Character” from an current or previous employer, person of high standing in the community, or your parish priest; original and three photocopies
  12. Apostilled Clean Police Certificate from Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS); Original and three photocopies 
  13. Three original medical report forms (FA Form No. 11) with:
    - original and 2 photocopies of laboratory report
    - standard-sized chest x-ray in digital image (CD) format and result interpretation
  14. General Medical Council (GMC) certification endorsing that the physician who
    signed the medical report is duly registered and qualified to practice medicine in the United
  15. Additional Documents as necessary
  16. Application fee of £137.00
  17. Visa application fee is payable in cash or postal money

Can UK citizens on a valid visa buy a house in the Philippines?

It depends. UK citizens can own a condominium easily, but if you want to own a house and land lot, things become more complex. Land ownership is restricted to Filipinos.

Foreigners have very limited options to purchase land in the Philippines.

How much is the Philippines visa application fee For UK Citizens

These are the payment fees for UK citizens. Other countries can review their payment of fees at the Philippine Consulate in their country of origin. 

Current payment fees as of the date of writing. 

Pound Sterling (GBP)

9a Single Entry (Regular Processing Fee)- Valid for 3-months


9a Single Entry (Visa-Required Nationals)- Valid for 3-months.


9a Multiple Entry Visa- Valid for six (6) months


9a Multiple Entry Visa- Valid for one (1) year


 (13a - 13g) Non-Quota Immigrant Visas


How To Apply For A Visa In The Philippines

Philippines Visa On Arrival- The Visa On Arrival passport stamp in your UK passport works the same as a tourist visa. UK citizens get favorable visa treatment and can enter the Philippines visa-free without obtaining for a tourist visa in advance.

UK citizens can follow the Entry Requirements section above to receive a visa on arrival.

13a Spousal Visa- The process for a British national married to a Philippine national to apply for a 13a Marriage Visa in the Philippines is summarised in 3-steps.

  1. 1
    Arrive In the Philippines- 
    Enter the country on a tourist visa on arrival.
  2. 2
    Convert the tourist visa To 13a Probationary Visa- 
    Apply at a BI office for a Conversion To Probationary Non-Quota Immigrant Visa 13a.
  3. 3
    Amend to the 13a Probationary visa to 13a Permanent Visa-
    Follow the same process in step 2 to amend your 13a Permanent Residence Visa after one year.

Basic Requirements For 13a visa

  1. e married to a Filipino citizen
  2. Have a valid marriage recognized and licensed in the Philippines
  3. Applicable proof you have sufficient financial support for yourself and your family
  4. Be a citizen from a country on this list of 82 countries with reciprocal permanent residency and immigration privileges for Filipino citizens

Summary of Process To Covert To A 13a

  1. Complete the visa application form (BI FORM CGAF CO-001-Rev 2 available here)
  2. Submit the application form and required documents for pre-screening to the BOI Main Office or eligible regional or district office
  3. Pay the visa application processing fees with cash. The BI office will not accept person checks or credit card payments.
  4. Wait for an Official Receipt that contains the schedule and location of the hearing and instructions for image and fingerprint capturing.
  5. Attend your scheduled hearing
  6. Proceed to the ARD Image and Fingerprint Counter and submit requirements for the ACR I-Card application
  7. Check the BI website for your instructions and requirements for the entire 13a process here .
  8. If your 13a visa application is approved, submit your original passport for visa implementation.
  9. Pick up your ACR I-Card, when Alien Registration Division (ARD) completes the process.

You can find the complete instructions and requirements for the entire 13a process here.

Special Resident Retiree Visa (SRRV)- UK citizens over 50 with a monthly pension can retire to the Philippines using 1 of 4 different types of SRR visas. UK military veterans applying for the SRRV in the Philippines are eligible for special financial incentives.

Basic requirements for the SRRV are

  1. Financial Deposit- the amount varies from $1,500 to $20,000 depending on SRR visa type 
  2. Valid UK Passport- with valid entry visa
  3. PRA SRR visa application form (available here)
  4. Medical Clearance- A clear medical report no more than six months old. 
  5. Proof of retirement funds (pension statement)
  6. Clean Police Certificate- Apostilled certificate from ACRO if coming directly the United Kingom and a Philippine NBI clearance if you have lived in the Philippines for more than 6-months

You can read my detailed  how to apply for the SRRV instructions here.

example of SRRV Philippines visa for UK citizens

The Cost Of A Visa in the Philippines for UK citizens

UK Citizens can enter the Philippines visa on arrival for FREE. However, there is a Bureau of Immigration visa fee to extend or convert a tourist visa to a permanent visa. The total payment of fees depends on the length of the extension and the type of visa.

Visa Extension After 30 days (Visa Waiver for 29 days)= Php 3, 030. 00

Visa Extension After 59 days (1-month)= PHP 4, 400.00

Click here for a complete schedule of 9a visa extension fees and How-to apply.

Convert To A 13a Marriage Visa = PHP 8,620.00

Convert To A 9f Student Visa= PHP 9, 720.

Required Annual Reporting for all foreign residents = PHP 810

Can someone help me with my Philippine Visa?

Yes. I can help you with a marriage visa, retirement visa, or work visa? I've partnered with a Philippines Visa Specialist with experience relocating embassy personnel and corporate expats since 2011. If you don't want to deal with the hassle and complexity of the visa process, they can help. 

My partners are visa specialists certified by the Bureau of Immigration, Department of Tourism, and the Philippine Retirement Association to handle your visa application, document submission, local appointments, and much more. They will simply your immigration process and make getting your visa easier. 

Philippine Embassy And Consulate General Offices In The UK

AfricaSouth AfricaPretoriaEmbassy
AsiaBruneiBandar Seri BegawanEmbassy
AsiaCambodiaPhnom PenhEmbassy
AsiaChinaHong KongConsulate-General
AsiaIndiaNew DelhiEmbassy
AsiaIsraelTel AvivEmbassy
AsiaMalaysiaKuala LumpurEmbassy
AsiaRepublic of China (Taiwan)KaohsiungExtensionOffice
AsiaRepublic of China (Taiwan)TaichungExtensionOffice
AsiaRepublic of China (Taiwan)TaipeiEconomicandCulturalOffice
AsiaUnited Arab EmiratesAbu DhabiEmbassy
AsiaUnited Arab EmiratesDubaiConsulate-General
EuropeCzech RepublicPragueEmbassy
EuropeNetherlandsThe HagueEmbassy
EuropeUnited KingdomLondonEmbassy
Middle EastBahrainManamaEmbassy
MiddleEastKuwaitKuwait CityEmbassy
MiddleEastSaudi ArabiaRiyadhEmbassy
North AmericaCanadaCalgaryConsulate-General
North AmericaCanadaOttawaEmbassy
North AmericaCanadaTorontoConsulate-General
North AmericaCanadaVancouverConsulate-General
North AmericaMexicoMexico CityEmbassy
North AmericaUnited StatesAgana, GuamConsulate-General
North AmericaUnited StatesChicagoConsulate-General
North AmericaUnited StatesHonoluluConsulate-General
North AmericaUnited StatesHoustonConsulate-General
North AmericaUnited StatesLos AngelesConsulate-General
North AmericaUnited StatesNew York CityConsulate-General
North AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoConsulate-General
North AmericaUnited StatesWashington, D.C.Embassy
OceaniaPapuaNewGuineaPort MoresbyEmbassy
South AmericaArgentinaBuenos AiresEmbassy
South AmericaBrazilBrasíliaEmbassy
South AmericaChileSantiago de ChileEmbassy

FAQ: Philippines Visa For UK Citizens

Can UK citizens use the Philippines Electronic Travel Authority (eTA) system to apply for an eVisa?

Currently, the eTA Philippines eVisa system is only available to citizens of Taiwan. UK citizens cannot use the eTA to apply for a Philippine eVisa. UK citizens may be eligible for a Philippine eVisa in the future, but the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) has not confirmed any future dates.

Can a British citizen live permanently in the Philippines?

Yes, the Philippines offers several permanent residence visas to UK citizens. UK citizens with Filipino spouses can apply for a 13a or 13g visa. Former UK military veterans can apply for the SRRV Extended courtesy, while UK retirees over 50 can apply for the SRRV Classic retirement visa.

Can a UK citizen Stay Longer Than 30 Days In The Philippines?

UK citizens can stay in the Philippines for 59-days without a visa. After 59 days, they can extend their stay by 1,2, or 6 months on a temporary tourist visa. A UK citizen can stay in the Philippines without a permanent residency visa for a maximum of 3-years.

Is It safe for British citizens to travel to the Philippines?

Yes, it is safe for Britiish citizens to travel to the Philippines. Most Filipinos are pro-Western with minimal anti-British views. In a 2022 Safety Index, the Philippines ranked the 59th Safest country out of 142 countries, better than the United Kingdom (63), Australia (75), and the United States (86).

You can read more about "Safety In The Philippines."

Do UK citizens need a Philippines visa before entering the country?

If you are a UK citizen, you can enter the Philippines without a visa and stay up to 30 days for FREE. After your initial stay, you can extend for another 29 days for roughly 40 GBP. After 59 days, you can extend for 1, 2, or 6 months for up to 36 total months on a tourist visa.

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  • Colin J. Smith says:

    : British national, currently on a 30day visit visa in the Philippines.
    I have a child whose mother is a Filipino national, residing in the Philippines, he has dual nationality (British/Filipino) Can I apply for a retirement visa?

  • Brian Corrigan says:

    does the uk have military ties with the Philippines? I am 78 years of age ex Royal Navy 10 years retired and looking for a cheap residency visa. If possible what are the conditions of the visa?

  • Hi I’m looking for some help with a tourist visa, I’m a UK citizen and want to know my options for extension upon arrival. How does that work?

  • Mark Stewart says:

    Hi, I am considering to move the Philippines to be with my partner (Filipino), what should I have to do? Please note that I am British national, unemployed (difficult finding a job in UK) and profoundly deaf.

    Is there any disabilities benefits to support me for living because I am profoundly deaf and IBD? I noticed there is ‘Person with Disability’, I am not sure if I am entitled to it because I am foreigner.

    Is there any advices about moving to the Philippines? Also what is the best way to find a job there too?

    Which shall I apply correct Visa too? I am staying under 30 days free Visa to start with in May 2023 and will considering to extend to living there when I am at there.

    I also having medication treatment (Infusion for IBD) every 4 weeks in UK, how that is work for in the Philippines? and do I need to get medical insurance for this?

    I am more happy for you to email me to discussion about this.

    Looking forward to your message soon.

  • Hi. I have a British partner and we are currently here in the United Kingdom. We plan to come back in the Philippines this October, he already visited Philippines last April for 30 days free visa. Does he need to apply for a tourist visa or he can get another 30 days free visa again on arrival? Thanks.

  • Hi,
    My father in law would like to retire to the Philippines, he is currently living in the UK. He is over 65, a British national and has the funds.
    I emailed the embassy who directed me to the PRA site for the SRRV and it looks like he will be fine to go for the Smile Visa.
    I have emailed the PRA to ask for more information, but whilst I wait I wanted to know a bit more about the process.
    I can see the form which needs to be filled in but am unsure of where to look at on how to book him into a medical.
    Once the form is filled, medical and police clearance (I assume this would be a DBS) are complete what do we do from there?

    • Hi Kaarina,

      Any particular reason you like the SMILE? That program was really targeted toward younger (35 – 50) retirees. The CLASSIC is going to be cheaper for him and doesn’t lock up the $20,000 deposit in a bank.

      You can read about the SRRV process and programs on these two articles.

      SRRV Program Overview and Updates
      SRRV Visa Requirements and Process

      Additionally, I offer PRA accredited Visa Specialists ready to help cut through the government red tape, simplify his immigration process, and make obtaining his SRR visa easier.

      There are two options for assistance:

      Do-it-yourself Visa Application with our help- This option is for the DIY-type that doesn’t mind the paperwork and dealing with government bureaucracy. A Visa Specialist will provide a one-hour consultation where you can ask questions, learn the pitfalls to avoid, and get a personalized plan on how to apply for the visa yourself.

      Concierge Full-Service Visa- Have a Visa Specialist handle the filing and paperwork on your behalf. They handle the heavy lifting and deal with Immigration authorities to save you the headaches.
      Both options have the same starting point. Please complete this onboarding form to begin.


      Questions, let me know.



      • Thank you for your quick reply.

        I was unsure about the classic due to the investment part.

        I will look further at the links and consider booking the 60 minute consultation.

        As we are in the UK will the consultation take place over the phone or online, or is there an office in the UK to visit?

        For the 60 minute consultation is this the reduced $49 or is there any more costs?

        • Hi Kaarina,

          The office is in Makati, Philippines, so calls can be either phone or online (whatsapp, viber, google meet, etc.). We like video calls to see who we are speaking with, but whichever you prefer. $49 is the total price for the one-hour consultation. No additional charges.

          Additionally, if you decide you want us to process your visa for you, we will reduce your visa cost by the $49.



          • Thank you, this is very helpful.

            I will look at booking soon.

  • Erlinda G. Acosta says:

    Helow sir, I have a friend from UK and wanted to visit the Philippines, he is a Medical Surgeon…What are the documents needed, for him to visit the Philippines..hoping for your response..

  • Wilf Smith says:

    Where do I apply for a 13a marriage Visa to live with my wife who is in the Philippines?

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