Looking for a travel jacket that will keep your belongings safe while you’re on the go? A ScotteVest travel cotton hoodie has everything you need in one affordable package. Read my ScotteVest review to see how a zip hoodie can save you money on airline fees while keeping your belongings secure and organized.

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I bought my first ScotteVest travel jacket back in 2013. I'm still wearing the Tropiformer in 2023. I don't travel without this jacket. It's been on planes, trains, buses, backs of pickup trucks, and a camel while visiting over 50+ countries. ScotteVest has deserved a review from me for years. Why?

For the simple reason that ScotteVest has saved me thousands of dollars in airline fees. If you are a world-traveling expat, digital nomad, or just a guy who likes organizing their EDC (Every Day Carry), you need to jump on a ScotteVest Travel Hoodie.

But I'm getting ahead.

Let's start with the basics.

My ScotteVest Travel Hoodie Recommendation



Getting Better


I had past quality issues, and their Trustpilot score says others have customer support problems


Screw airline fees. I save thousands using ScotteVest.


My OG jacket is still going after 10 years, but zippers were a weak point. Hoodie is an upgrade.


Looks like the millions of other black hoodies. But inconspicuous = less likely to be a target

I'm torn because I literally never travel without ScotteVest. For me, ScotteVest is not just travel clothing; it's wearable luggage.

The hoodie's abundance of pockets is a standout feature, allowing me to easily organize and carry my travel essentials, making it an ideal choice for digital nomads and frequent flyers. The interior zip pockets reduce the risk of items falling out or getting stolen, providing an added layer of security,

The innovative Pickpocket Guarantee even offers a $ 1,000 reimbursement for stolen items, providing added peace of mind in petty theft capitals like Rome or Medellin

Past quality issues and Trustpilot reports of customer service issues cannot be ignored. However, a 4.5 Amazon rating and 4.7 stars from existing customers balance scores out. 

My BUY recommendation hinges mainly on a functional storage design that makes travel more convenient and saves me megabucks on luggage fees. There is nothing else like ScotteVest on the market.

Marco wearing the ScotteVest travel zip hoodie while traveling in Queretaro Mexico

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TL; DR Summary of My ScotteVest Travel Hoodie Review

Why You Should Trust This Review

My review is based on 10+ years of experience with ScotteVest travel jackets and 3 months specifically wearing their cotton hoodie over 3 countries, 5 flights, and 1 bus ride. The company provided me a hoodie to review, but had no influence on the content.


  • Feature-packed design- The ScotteVestCotton Hoodie features a staggering 21 pockets, including exterior handwarmer pockets, zippered pockets for added security, and change/key pockets with elastic loops.
  • Practical- Organization, pens, travel documents, smart cable management. Considering many users have reported being able to store up to 32 gadgets in their ScotteVest, it's clear this jacket is a tech lover's best friend.
  • Crazy Pickpocket Guarantee- Use the jacket for pickpocket prevention, and the company will reimburse you $1,000 if something gets stolen.
  • Convenience- The dedicated pen pocket along with passport, keys, and change pockets, provide easy accessibility.


  • Price- While the hoodie undoubtedly offers a lot, it does come with a hefty price tag.
  • Generic Style- May not be ideal for those seeking a 'fashion-forward' piece. While the ScotteVest is certainly practical and functional, its minimalist style might not appeal to all.
  • Not Quick Drying- 80/20 Polyester Cotton blend is not a technical or performance fabric. It does not dry as fast as my Unbound Merino wool clothes. 
  • No Water Resistance- Unlike their travel jackets, the travel hoodie material does not have a nano coat to protect from rain, stains, or splashes.
  • Weight increases with storage- As users continue to utilize the jacket's generous storage spaces, the overall weight of the jacket increases, potentially affecting comfort for some.

Brief History of ScotteVest

ScotteVest is a clothing brand tailored to the modern tech enthusiast, focusing on marrying convenience, functionality, and style. My Tropiformer jacket was actually purchased from Think Geek (RIP) to give even more credence to its tech cred.

While CEO Scott Jordan founded the company targeting technology-focused men constantly grappling with multiple phones, tablets, charges, and other heavy electronics.

ScotteVest hit its stride when digital nomads and other travelers figured out the "Pocket Science" features of ScotteVest were ideal for cruising through airport security lines, saving space on their carry-on luggage, and cruising European city streets while "keep your essentials organized and easily accessible with 22 strategically placed pockets for all your gear."

Overview of ScotteVest

ScotteVest Specialization and Focus

 ScotteVest is a lifestyle solution combining functional everyday clothing with an innovative design that allows tech lovers to carry all their favorite gadgets conveniently.

Favoring Function over Frills, this brand is all about prioritizing utility over mere aesthetics. They do not compromise on the functional elements.

Each piece of clothing embodies its trademark 'pocket science' technology. This means thoughtful design that caters to safely accommodating your devices, relieving you of the burden of carrying them and adding a sense of security.

The brand's innovation focuses on creating clothes that enable users to seamlessly integrate their wearable technology in a non-obtrusive way. 

ScotteVest Travel Zip Hoodie diagram reviewing pocket placement

Quick Facts:

  • Launched in 2000: Founding Scott Jordan's dissatisfaction with his hectic life as a corporate lawyer led him to invent the ScotteVest. 
  • Designed In: Ketchum, Idaho
  • Manufactured In: China
  • Philanthropy: Their PocketChange program donates a portion of every product sold to charities supporting literacy, animal shelters, and food security.
  • Environmentally Conscious- Unlike most clothing companies, ScotteVest donates unsellable returned items to a local thrift store, keeping clothing out of our landfills.

Does ScotteVest warranty or guarantee their clothing

In a world where more and more brands target international travel, ScotteVest stands out with its commitment to quality through its 2-year warranty policy covering your purchase from any/all manufacturer defects.

Note- deflects do not include wear and tear, stains or rips, or other damage caused by you, your dog, or your jealous ex-girlfriend.

 INSIDER TIP : Poor International Coverage- I had quality issues with my Tropicformer jacket while abroad. However, the company wouldn't cover the international shipping and import duties and taxes for a replacement. Nor would they reimburse me for the repairs. I could only get warranty support if I was in the US.

Contrast my recent experience with my Bluffworks shorts while in Mexico. After I reported an issue with a side seam, the company immediately refunded the shorts, even while I was abroad.

Does ScotteVest guarantee against pickpockets and theft?

Enjoy your travel without fretting about pickpockets with ScotteVest's unique Pickpocket Guarantee. Scott loves and trusts his product so much that they promise if your belongings are stolen while you're wearing your eVEST, they'll reimburse you up to $1,000 USD. That kind of confidence gives me extreme peace of mind when I travel.

Who has a crazy guarantee like that? ScotteVest does! There are some restrictions to prevent scammers from abusing the system, but there really isn't a catch. Here are the pickpocket guarantee terms.

The terms and conditions for ScotteVest Travel Hoodie's Pickpocket Guarantee.
"We trust you to use good judgment when storing valuables in your eVEST. Always try to keep your most important gear and belongings in an interior, zippered pocket when applicable."

ScotteVest Travel Cotton Zip Hoodie Review - My Experience


The company's "No Fluff, No Frills" minimalist attitude extends to its shipping. My items came in simple brown boxes with no extra or additions. You will be severely disappointed if you expect to be surprised with any extra goodies or impressed by fancy packaging. For a $154 hoodie, you could have done better, ScotteVest.

First Impression

At first glance, the exterior of the travel hoodie is unimpressive. For something that scored 4.7 out of 5 stars, this zip hoodie looks like any other generic black comfortable sweatshirt.

Only when I lifted the hoodie out of the box and unzipped it did things get interesting. The entire front of the hoodie was lined, which made sense, as you need layers of material to make pockets. Additionally, the sleeve cuffs seemed abnormally long, with extra material for the hoodie's built-in hand warmers.

ScotteVest Travel Hoodie review showing the hardwarmer sleeve feature

Casual Wear

It's a hoodie. Its entire reason for existing is to be your favorite piece of casual wear. This hoodie doesn't disappoint. The 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester blend material makes the hoodie fluffy and comfortable. I can see having to fight my girlfriend off from stealing this from me.

I keep my wardrobe colors primarily black and gray. Regrettably, the ScotteVest Travel Zip Hoodie doesn't come in a deep charcoal or dark grey, which is my preference. The "Ash" grey is too light for how hard I am on my travel clothes. That color screams, "stain me."

I choose black for travel simplicity, but the more color enthusiastic can get dark green, maroon, or navy blue.

Marco walking up steps in Lima Peru wearing a fashionable cotton hoody

Dress Up

Don't count on wearing this hoodie underneath a sportscoat for a hip, dressy casual look. The fluff that makes the hoodie so cozy would make it too bulky to fit under any normal-sized sports coat.

Marco wearing a classic cotton block hoody in Queretaro Mexico

Work Out

The hoodie is plenty warm while I was on a 60 F / 15.5 C run along the ocean in Lima, Peru. Even with wind coming off the water, the hoodie kept me comfortable while moving.

Marco wears the ScotteVest travel hoody while exercising in Lima Peru


To keep my cotton hoodie in top shape I steer clear of hot water and machine drying. I lay it flat to dry and don't use a hanger to avoid 'hander bumps' on the shoulders. 

And never use fabric softener. The hoodie is soft enough and the chemicals in fabric softener degrades the material faster. 

 INSIDER TIP : ScotteVest Travel Hoodie Washing Tips- Wash your hoodie inside out and with all zippers closed. Washing inside out helps preserve the color, while closed zippers prevent snags on other clothes while tumbling around in the washing machine.

Additionally, if you only wear your hoodie periodically, don't overwash it. To preserve the life of the cotton fabric, only wash it as needed when it gets stained and dirty.


The travel hoodie comes in many sizing options, from men's XS-XXXL. What sets ScotteVest's sizing apart is the breadth of sizes available and their adherence to the 'true fit.' Unlike many brands in the current era of vanity sizing, ScotteVest sizes are consistent with their size chart.

I have a 41" chest and a 31" waist. I wear a medium sized hoodie, and there is plenty of room for layers and gadgets.



ScotteVest Fit Chart - IN

Top 5 Features of ScotteVest Hooded Sweatshirt

1. Style

The hoodie follows ScotteVest motto of "function over form." If I wanted a stylish hoodie, I would have a slimmer modern fit that tapered at the waist to accentuate my shoulders and slim waist. If I were more fashion brand-conscious, I imagine there would be a giant logo stenciled across my chest in bright colors to show everyone how cool I am.

ScotteVest said "Nah." What you get is a basic black normal sweatshirt with no logos except a barely noticeable tastefully embroidered V on the back that is about 2" x 2" in size. You would never notice it.

The fit could be described as trash bag-like. But that makes sense. A slim-fit hoodie would bulge when you put a 1L bottle of water, camera, cell phone, and a small laptop in your pockets.

While it won't win any awards, the zip hoodie's understated style appeals to minimalists like me.

2. Materials

Unlike a jacket, where you can get innovative blends and coatings if you deviate too far from basic cotton, a hoodie no longer feels or wears like a hoodie. The company made their travel hoodie an 80/20 cotton-poly blend, which is enough cotton to give you that snugly soft feel but with the added durability and easy care the polyester provides.

The material blend is machine washable, wrinkle resistant, and is fabricated to "break in" and provide a "weathered, worn, and loved" look over time.

A review of the ScotteVest Travel Hoodie internal pockets

3. Interior Pockets

Here is where things get interesting. The ScotteVest Travel Jacket and Hoodie offers an impressive array of 14 interior pockets. Each pocket is strategically placed and tailored to fit specific items, maximizing utility and comfort.

Starting with two pen holders, these pockets are near the chest zipper for easy access. I get especially giddy when coming off a plane, and everyone starts lining up to fill out a passenger arrival form. I grab a form, effortlessly whip out my pen, and quickly finish filling out the form while others are still scavenging around and waiting for a pen to use.

The hoodie also houses a dedicated sunglasses pocket. This glasses pocket even has a microfiber lens cloth on an elastic band. You can take out your shades and give them a quick wipe down before putting them on to enjoy a Bali beach sunset.

The point-and-shoot camera pocket comfortably stores a camera. Although the pocket can accommodate a lens bump, a flatter camera is suggested for the best fit. For photographers, this feature allows secure storage of equipment, microSD memory cards, and other accessories while on the move.

The zip hoodie also offers two chest pockets for cellular phones. The cell phone pockets can snugly fit various phone sizes, even ones as large as my Pixel 7 Pro with a 6.7-inch screen. The interior of the pocket is a see-thru mess, so you can quickly check gate change and flight delay notifications without taking your phone out of your pocket. You could theoretically use the touchscreen as well, but I found it easier to take out my phone at that point.

If you use Apple's AirPods or another similar wireless earphone with a stem design, the hoodie has a storage pocket the company dubs "BudBuckets," where you can conveniently place your buds when not in use. That is crazy attention to detail.

A designated document pocket for airline boarding passes, train tickets, passports, and other travel documents is yet another testament to the practicality of this travel hoodie. Instant access and organization of travel documents make it easier to breeze through security. Plus, I love knowing exactly where my passport is at all times. I don't suffer that mild heart attack while I rummage through my bag, thinking I lost my passport.

4. iPad Tablet Pockets

These are technically still part of the 14 interior pockets, but the feature is so helpful to me that I needed to discuss it separately. ScotteVest spends a great deal of RnD on weight management to ensure their travel jackets don't bulge or sag, even when stuffed with all my travel gadgets.

Even so, I'm impressed these tablet pockets comfortably house a 9.7" iPad or similar tablet. The pockets also include a reinforced slit leading to the pocket below it; you can use the slit to store your tablet stylus separately or as a cable routing feature to a battery pack. This thoughtfully included feature lets users keep their device charging cord or headphones well-organized inside the jacket, preventing them from tangling with other items.

The internal positioning of the tablet pocket also provides security for your device. With tablets getting more expensive than laptops, I appreciate the reduced likelihood of theft or accidental loss.

These are deep pockets, and the size of the tablet I can fit depends on the jacket size.

  • Fits Up To 9.7" tablet Size: XS-Large
  • Fits Up To 11" tablet Size: XL
  • Fits Up To 12.9" tablet Size: XXL-XXXL

It's crazy to think that if I wore an XXXL, I could carry my Asus 13" Gaming laptop inside my hoodie.

The odd decision by ScotteVest to remove the water bottle carrier and add a 2nd tablet pocket isn't one of my favorites. I liked the elastic strap that kept my standard size bottle of water upright and stopped it from shifting around. I will use the 2nd pocket to hold my Amazon Kindle, but water would be more useful.

A ScotteVest Travel Hoodie review of the external pockets

5.Exterior Pockets

Supplementing the interior pockets are 7 additional exterior pockets. On each side of the jacket, you'll find 1 zip "Top Drop" pocket with a velcro pocket for change and 1 handwarmer pocket with an additional pocket-in-a-pocket design for smaller items. The left side also has another secure hook and loop fastener for a hidden pocket.

However, since I get paranoid when I travel, I need the peace of mind of zippers, so only 3 pockets get used. The two two zip pockets carry my lip balm, chewing gum, ginger candy, and other travel items I want easily accessible. While hand-warming pouch pockets do not have zippers, the pocket on the right side has a secure clip to store my keys.

5. Integrated Hand Warmers

I'm a bit mixed on this feature. While I understand the logic and appreciate the function, the cuffs look abnormally extended. Also, the sleeves would be way too long if I had shorter arms. However, I'm currently in Lima, Peru, in September, where nighttime temps dip to 60 F/ 16 C. When the night chill bites, I appreciate the built-in hand warmers function over form.

Benefits of Scottevest Travel Cotton Hoodie:

Breeze Thru Security

While waiting in line, I put my watch and belt into the hoodie's left pocket. Now everything (passport, wallet, headphones, etc.) is in my ScotteVest hoodie to pop on the conveyor belt. No mad rush to ensure everything is out of my pants pockets. No leaving anything behind in the security line. 

Save Money On Luggage Fees

Don't pay for extra luggage. There are lots of pockets you can use to lighten your bag or shrink your carry-on.

Quickly Find What I'm Looking For

Organizes my stuff across multiple easily accessible pockets, keeping everything in order while I travel. I always know where my wallet, boarding pass, and passport are. 

Don't Lose Your Stuff

Minimize the risk of items falling out or getting stolen with secure interior zip pockets, ensuring peace of mind while on the move.

Don't Stand Out As A Tourist Target

Maintain a normal casual appearance, even when fully loaded with expensive electronics. Wearing a simple cotton hoodie, I look less like a target for pickpockets.

Peace Of Mind When Traveling

Crazy first-of-its-kind $ 1,000 reimbursement for stolen items, providing an extra layer of pickpocket safety for my pricey gadgets and wallet

Marco keeping his valuables safe in the zippered hidden pockets of a ScotteVest Travel Cotton Hoodie

other benefits of Scottevest Hoodie Cotton Material

  • Easy Maintenance- Machine washable 
  • Easy To Wear- Wrinkle-resistant
  • Comfortable- Feels soft. Lightweight
  • Performance- Versatile and plenty of room to move

 INSIDER TIP How Scottevest Saves You Money on Flights- 

You know that moment of dread you get at the airport check-in and the airline agent wants to check if your bag is within the size or weight limits? The masterminds at ScotteVest have developed a dynamic alternative that will alleviate your carry-on luggage-related stress and save you considerable money on expensive excess baggage fees.

I just checked online; Spirit Airlines charges $99 if they catch you with a "personal item" bigger than 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20 cm), including handles and wheels.

By creatively using my Scottevest travel hoodie, I can eliminate the worry of an overweight carry-on and avoid that $99.

Here is what I avoid putting in my bags by using my travel hoodie as a "Free Extra Bag:"

  • Samsung Tablet - 1.1 lbs (508 grams)
  • Pixel 7 Pro-  7.48 oz (212 g)
  • Pixel 3 Backup Phone - 5.22 oz (148 g )
  • Kindle Paperwhite- 7.23 oz (205 g)
  • Battery Pack- 7.5 oz (212 g)
  • 100W Power Fast Charge Adapter- 12.3 oz (350 g)
  • Entertainment- Airplane phone holder, Jabra 7 Pro noise-cancelling earbuds
  • Travel Documents- 2 passports and over 1 dozen credit cards and identification cards,
  • Airplane Necessities- Sleep mask, ear plugs, ginger candy, chewing gum, chapstick, lotion,
  • Snacks- 2 protein bars, 500 ml bottle water
  • Misc Daily Essentials- sunglasses, 2 USB cables, keys

 I'm over 3 pounds / 1.4 kg, still have plenty of room to spare, and saved $99 in extra luggage fees.

Comparing the ScotteVest Tropiformer vs. The Cotton Hoodie

I'll compare my 10-year-old Tropiformer jacket to my brand new Cotton Zip Hoodie the company sent me to review. After a decade of travel to over 50 countries, my Tropiformer travel jacket is starting to show its age- I had a tailor make some repairs in Vietnam. I'll share some of the weaknesses and quality concerns I had with my Tropiformer in this review.

Materials (winner: Tropiformer)

The drawback of the 80/20 cotton blend hoodie is...well...the cotton. Cotton is comfy and cozy but isn't waterproof, doesn't repel stains, and takes ages to dry. The Tropiformer jacket uses a 100% quick-dry polyester shell treated with an Aquapel™ by Nanotex coating to make it water-repellent and stain-resistant.

Interior Pockets (winner: tie)

Both have 14 pockets and plenty of space. If you twisted my arm, I would give the Tropiformer travel jacket a slight advantage, as it can fit up to a 15" laptop. But I prefer the hoodie's two internal chest pockets for my use case.

Exterior Pockets (winner: tie)

The travel jacket has one extra pocket: 8 outer pockets vs. the hoodies 7. However, the travel hoodie has 4 openings to reach the pockets vs. the jackets 3. Again, if you twisted my arm, I would lean to the Tropiformer's 3 zip closures vs. only 2 zip drop pockets on the cotton hoodie, but that is nitpicking.

Versatility (winner: Tropiformer)

The travel jacket's name is a play on Transformer, so the versatility is in its name. There is a stowaway hood and removable sleeves that attach magnetically, converting the jacket into a lightweight travel vest.

Seasonality- (winner: Hoodie)

 A comfortable cotton hoodie is a year-round staple in a man's wardrobe. The Tropiformer has a thinner material and a vented back, perfect for warmer tropical weather but less than ideal for fall and winter's cooler weather.

Reviewing the ScotteVest Tropiformer Travel Jacket compared to the ScotteVest Travel Cotton Hoodie

Quality: (winner: Hoodie)

Here comes my biggest complaint about my Tropiformer. I had issues with several zippers. For reasons I don't know, the company manufactured the Cotton Zip Hoodie with best-in-class YKK zippers but used cheaper Chinese-made zippers on the more expensive jacket. 

Look at the picture above. The hoodie zipper on the right has a more robust slider, bigger teeth, and a full metal pull tab. The Tropiformer zipper is cheaper-looking, with a small slider, teeth that jam easily, and a broken pull tab.

I also had to completely replace the left front phone pocket and seal several open seams on the Tropiformer.

The good news is the company stepped up their quality. For example, using Japanese YKK zippers that are the world's standard for quality is definitely an upgrade.

Key Takeaways: ScotteVest Travel Cotton Zip Hoodie Review

While the travel hoodie purchase may initially seem a little pricey, when I consider the amount of money I save on baggage fees, plus the nearly daily wear I get out of the hoodie, I would gladly whip out my wallet. Now factor in that my last ScotteVest purchase lasted over 10 years, and I have no qualms with giving this hoodie purchase my wholehearted recommendation.

Backing up my recommendation is the near-perfect 4.7 stars and overwhelmingly positive reviews from existing customers, raving about the hoodie's exceptional quality and functionality.

Many satisfied customers, like myself, have owned several ScotteVest products for over a decade and still find them to be their favorite travel clothes.

It's important to note that the style may not appeal to everyone. A simple black hoodie is not going to win any fashion awards. But, the hoodie's weight management design maintains a casual appearance even when fully loaded, enhancing its appeal to travelers.

Additionally, the simple, understated styling can fit in at the gym or even on a causal night out on the town.

You'll love this hoodie's versatility, allowing you to jump from everyday wear to outdoor hikes and adventures, to international travel, and even as a replacement for traditional bags.

I don't go on plane trips without SCOTTeVEST. After nearly a decade of continuous travel, that is my best recommendation.


Order The ScotteVest Travel Hoodie With A 30 Day Return Policy

Eligible for Return, Refund, or Replacement within 30 days of receipt

Return this item for free- You can return this item for any reason. The item must be returned in new and unused condition.

FAQs: ScotteVest Travel Jacket Review

Are ScotteVest Travel Jackets worth the price?

Absolutely. Not only has my Tropiformer travel jacket held up to 10 years of rigorous full-time travel, but I've saved hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on avoiding overweight or oversized airline luggage and carry-on fees.

Add in the Pickpocket Guarantee and the daily utility I get from the multitude of versatile pockets, and I will always have a ScotteVest with me while I travel.

Where can I buy the ScotteVest zip hoodie?

You can click here to buy directly from the ScotteVest website or Amazon, whichever is more convenient for you.

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