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Visa to stay longer

(@Gerardo Rodríguez Crespo)
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I want to go to Davao and a Mexican citizen, I understand I get 30 days as my arrive. But Im planning to stay longer what I have to do when Im already in Davao and how will cost me to get an extension and what is the longest I can stay?

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Hi Gerardo,

The good news is that Mexico is on the list of countries that have a privileged passport status in the Philippines. To extend your Philippines visa, after your initial 30 days, you can get an extension (technically called a visa waiver) for an additional 29 days. After 59 total days (30 + 29), you can extend for 1, 2, or 6 months at a time for up to 3 years. 

You can extend at the Bureau of Immigration office in Davao or online at the BI website. The extension cost will depend on how long you extend and whether you apply for the extension or have a visa agent handle the filing. Also, sometimes the visa costs depend on the branch or agent you speak to (welcome to the Philippines 😀).