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ACRI card query

(@Ajay Gupta)
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Hi. : I understand that ACRI card is required only for extension of stay beyond 59 days....

Can you plz reply to following pointwise wrt ACRI card

1. What's the future use of ACRI card apart from opening a bank account and driving license ...only for future extensions beyond 59 days ?..if i don't want any future stay in phillipines beyond 59 days, then i can just throw away the current ACRI card which i will get and it doesnt have to be returned anywhere during exit this correct .?

2. After applying for acri card , it normally gets issued in one month..I might exit phillipines before that to collect physical card, one can collect it later after 1-2 years from same BOI do they keep before they dispose it off..?

3. After applying for ACRI card, I get the physical card after one month..but do I get some digital card or some ACRI card number or even any receipt  on the same day which I can use to open bank account..?..

4. Which are some of the bank branches which have hassle free and fastest process to open bank accounts for tourists?..and which are some bank branches which open without an ACRI card..?..also plz mention names and contacts of some agents/fixers , which even though might charge higher fees, but can guarantee opening of bank account for tourists 


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Hi Ajay, The main reason to get the ACR card is it's required for any foreigners staying in the Philippines more than 59 days. Additionally, you can use the ACR card instead of carrying your passport around when asked for identification. 

Regarding bank accounts, it honestly depends on who you speak with. Individual bank managers have the authority to allow foreigners with temporary visas to open accounts. Some make the process easy and other refuse unless you have a residency visa. 

I know many of my readers open a PNB or HSBC account at a US branch to make things easier once they are in the Philippines. If there are banks with branches in the Philippines and India, that might be an option for you.