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Visa extension on a 59 day single entry tourist visa

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Hi . I am from a visa required country (India ) and currently have a single entry tourist visa to phillipines for 59 days ...but now when i will be entering phillipines, the expiry date on visa is less than 15 days..(it is April 12 and i will be entering around 5 April)


1. Can I still apply for extension as soon as I enter phillipines..? the expiry date will also be extended accordingly..?

2. I can apply for 1 month, 2 month and 6 month extension.?..(some people have said that first extension is 1 month only and after that you can get 6 months one, but i think those situations are for visa free country people since they get visa free for 30 days and then waiver (which they call first extension) for 29 days which makes total of 59 days bcoz offical website also states that extensions can be applied after 59 days

Basically , the visa expiry date doesn't matter and I can straightaway apply for 6 months visa extension also upon my arrival to phillipines this correct .?

3. When I go for my first extension at my arrival into country at manila airport , I can straightaway apply for ACRI card since my visa is valid for 59 days (although visa expiry date is less than 15 days) instead of staying for 59 days and then apply for it..?

4. BOI centres for hassle free visa extensions apart from manila airport, lapu lapu and Makati..? Names and contacts of some fixers who can help and greatly increase changes  for an visa extension ?..I read on somewhere that there are many people in BI informs outside those centres , how much money do they charge and do they generally guarantee extension of the visa..?..are they generally trustable since they are in BI uniforms.


Basically for the first 3 ques, I am of the opinion that answer is yes and current visa expiry date shouldn't matter..but just wanted to confirm before making my travel plans..



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Hi Ajay,

Most of my readers come from visa-free countries, so I have less experience with visa specifics for Indian nationals.

However, you may be confusing a visa validity duration with the number of days you can stay in country. 9a visas for visa-required countries are usually valid for 3 months (single entry) or up to a year (multiple entry). The validity differs from the number of days you are allowed to stay in the country. I believe that if you enter before the validity period expires, you get your full 59 days once in country. You should confirm that with the Philippine Consulate or if you can set up a one-on-one consultation with an accredited Visa Specialist