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Thinking of moving to the Philippines

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I am 94 years old and in excellent health. My grandson, 36, single and my only living family, has been living in Thailand for about a year and is tired of having to leave every month to get a new visa, and is thinking of moving to the Philippeans and he wants me to join him. I have no reason not to.

I have lived in Iowa, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Boulder, Colorado and now, for the last 24 years, in Albuquerque, NM. I do still have a rental house in Colorado that is being taken care of by a property manager, so that's no real concern, but reasonable income. I've travelled a lot over the years: eight trips to Europe, most of them camping. The first of which was for three months and the other times for not less than five weeks. I was also a University of Colorado art professor and taught drawing and printmaking on Semester at Sea for 100 days, leaving San Francisco and returning by way of Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Philippines (only 3 days ashore; most other countries 5 days),Singapore, India, Seychelle Islands, Brazil, Venezuela, Jamaica and ending in Ft Lauderdale. I have also traveled in or through all US states except Alaska and to Mexico, three or four times.

I have a generous retirement plan, Social Security, and rent from my Colorado house. So I am comfortable (even paying $3200/mo for my Sr Living apartment.

I have been checking health care options in the Philippines and found one from Cigna for about $1200/month. Of course my questions are about health care (in case I should ever need it), what cities are considered best for older (and really older) people and where there are (friendly) Ex Pat communities. My plan is to make a month-long visit to find my own answers to those and other questions, then to come back here, either to stay or to put all my stuff in storage since I figure the cost of shipping things is expensive.

This is a pretty long message, but you invited it -- didn't you? I would really appreciate your input. Charles (Chuck), Albuquerque, NM.

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Hi Chuck,

I don't think you need to ask the question. You sound like you have a great plan 😀.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Another option would be travel medical insurance to cover you outside the US + US-based Medicare as a backup, at least for the first couple of years. If you have never lived abroad before, I wouldn't necessarily cancel my Medicare because if something changes, getting back on Medicare can get expensive. 
  • Best cities to retire- Here is a list I made of the best places in the Philippines for retirees. If healthcare is a concern, then you will want to be near Manila (not in the Metro; it's not the prettiest place, but Baguio, Tagaytay, Clark, and Subic Bay would be close enough to get to the country's best hospitals), Cebu, or maybe Dumaguete.  


Cheers, Marco


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